July 23, 2014

Paying It Forward

Have you heard of the
Pay It Forward
project in the sewing and quilting world?
Read on, and your interest will be piqued!

My story begins with a wonderful blog called
where Wendy and her daughter Charlie
feature all sorts of beautiful handmade creations...
there's lots of knitting, crocheting, sewing,
embroidery and photography going on!

Photo by Charlotte's Web - African flower pincushion
I first came across Charlotte's Web last year,
when I was creating at least one Christmas project every month.
Wendy was doing the same thing,
and I looked forward to seeing her progress each month.

Photo by Charlotte's Web - Christmas ornaments
after she had received a Pay It Forward gift.

These were the "rules" as explained by Wendy:

That means it is my turn to make gifts for three other bloggers.  If you would like to receive a handmade gift from me and then be willing to make a gift for three other bloggers when you receive mine, just leave a comment on this post stating you would like to do this.  You have a year to make the gifts after you receive mine, and you must have an active blog to participate.

I left a comment that I would love to be involved.

{Who wouldn't want something handmade by Wendy???}

Recently I received a wonderful package,
all the way from New Zealand to Pennsylvania!

This lovely one-of-a-kind card greeted me!
It's got great texture and lots of style.

Next I found this perfect necklace, made from a little kit.
I adore that little scissors charm!

Everyone loves a cupcake...and this one is made from a pretty fabric!

{See the little sign? It's non-fat, of course.}

And here's the star of the show...
when I first saw it, I was in love with it.
I immediately loved the sweet fabrics,
in lots of fresh colors, with a pop of red.

{The lining was made with that turquoise and lime leafy print from V and Co's Simply Color line...
one of my alltime favorites!}

Guess what?
That was the BACK of the bag, in the photo up above.
When I flipped it over, I gasped in delight!

Believe it or not...just a few days earlier,
I had seen this gorgeous kite block,
Jeneta...one of my swap friends from the 
had received the wonderful book, 
and she wrote a great review of the book.

Photo from Plum Jam blog
I've made up my mind this book is a must-have,
and that little kite was a deal-maker for me.

Just look at the detail of the kite tail on the bag,
with exquisite embroidery by Wendy!

Wendy added a set of bamboo handles to the bag,
as a stylish detail.

I'm really going to love carrying this bag around
all summer.
Good thing I'm not shy...
everyone's going to want to know where I got it,
and now I've got a great story to tell!

I can't wait to get started paying it forward myself.
I've decided to select my three recipients
as a surprise, rather than to ask for applicants.
I would love to catch some sweet blogger friends
completely off-guard with a handmade gift.
I already have my recipient list made up.

{Wouldn't it be fun if I've chosen you?}

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  1. What beautiful things to receive!! The work on the kite block for the bag is just amazing, especially the little tiny pieces for the tail bows!! I hope that you enjoy making your items and sending them on. xx

  2. Adorable! Amy, I love all the little swaps and "parties" you participate in. It is always fun to see what you are up! ~Shari

  3. What a delightful package! That bag is wonderful. I really like the handles. You will certainly enjoy carrying this bag.

  4. Amy, that is such a lovely post, thank you for all the sweet things you said! I'm not sure I deserve them all but I think you are lovely for saying them :) I'm pleased you like the bag!! Wendy xx

  5. How sweet are all these beauties!!! You are SO deserving, Amy!!!

  6. What beautiful gifts you have received! And such a wonderful way to share happiness with fellow quilters when you "pay if forward!" I do love that kite pattern made into a bag!!


  7. What a great idea! Your gifts are wonderful!


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