July 23, 2016

Hands and Pot Holders

Hello, friends!
How's your summer?

Mine has been rather too eventful for my taste.
We've had some scary health issues in my family,
and yesterday I joined in the drama by breaking my left hand.

{Sad face}

Still, I'm counting my blessings:

1. There was no blood involved.

2. It isn't my dominant hand.

3. We had just returned from a fun vacation...
which is how I tripped over the suitcase and broke my hand,
while carrying a large basket of...

4. CLEAN laundry.

{Happy face}

Now let's get back to some sewing news...
prior to the Laundry Accident I'd been busy making pot holders!
expertly written by Amy at nana Company blog.

I pulled some lime green and cheery red prints from my stash
and whipped up this set in no time.

Cherries make such a sweet kitchen theme, don't they?
I had a piece of fabric called Oh-Cherry-Oh from 
Me and My Sister for Moda.

The red and white binding fabric was from the same line.
I used it for the adorable ruffle, too.

The green plaid is from Sugar Hill by Tanya Whelan.
I often use a Frixion pen to mark my quilting lines,
but this diagonal plaid made it really easy to create a grid design.

Tags are fun to create,
especially if you have some fun Japanese ribbon for detail.

Here's the other tag.

The finished pot holders make a great gift
that is functional and fresh.

I love the way every set made from this tutorial looks so different.
Here's another pair I made for a new bride
with a country kitchen.

The fabrics are from Dandelion Girl, by Fig Tree Quilts.
I'm still enjoying the fat quarter bundle I bought to make this quilt.

I made the pair of pot holders similar, but different.
One features gingham, and the other has a pretty tonal leaf print.

The colors are soft and understated,
so I left out the tag detail.

The squishy quilting will make baking even more fun.

That ruffle detail adds romance and style.

Soon I'll be sharing more pot holders and other projects...
I can blog with one hand tied behind my back!

Be careful out there, everyone!

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July 10, 2016

Social Butterfly Mini Quilt

Beautiful butterflies are one of the best parts of summertime!
They inspired me to stitch a new mini quilt

I first fell in love with this project
when I watched the YouTube video
which featured the full-size version of the quilt.
You can see that project and lots of other
inspiration on the Lella Boutique blog.

I was looking for instant gratification,
so I was super happy to see that the pattern
was available in the "mini" size,
in a downloadable PDF format.

I got started as soon as the file was delivered
to my email account!

I chose some favorite prints from a
Riley Blake line called The Cottage Garden,

I've used this fat quarter bundle a lot,
 most recently to make this little pincushion.

Before long, I had my pieces cut out for the block.
Usually I like to do my cutting in the evening,
then stitch my projects another day, when I have more time.

At first, I was a bit disappointed in myself,
for not choosing fabrics with lots of contrast.

Once my little butterfly was completely finished,
though, I learned to love her more each time I see her.

So...quilting is always a challenge, right?
"Quilt as desired," the patterns always say...
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Since this was a mini quilt,
I let myself go and tried something new...
free motion pebbles.

This was not within my comfort zone,
but I'm really glad I tried it for something I intend to keep.
I like to think I did an "okay" job with it...
my husband actually admires the rich texture.

I don't plan to do this pebble quilting any more, though.
Why? Two big reasons:

1 - I don't prefer heavily quilted projects,
because they interfere with the feel and drape of the fabric.
The thread can also sometimes interfere with the fabrics,
in my opinion.

2 - This. Took. Forever.
And it's only a MINI quilt!
My patience wore thin, and I was afraid
my circles would grow bigger and bigger,
 just so I could finish it.

{Note to self: try making bigger circles on even a smaller project.}

All the same,
I'm very happy with my pink and teal butterfly,

Can you see my little faux pas?
I forgot to create a hanging sleeve!
In my rush to photograph,
I just used some Clover Wonder Clips to attach  my mini
to the cute little display frame.
I have a strip of binding left over that I'll add to the back,
to finish it off more professionally.

I loved making this pattern,
and I hope to use it again to make more pretty butterflies.
Mini quilts are great gifts...
if you can bear to part with them!

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June 7, 2016

New Pinnies For eamylove on Etsy

Hello, Friends!
As summer begins, I'm finding it difficult
to fit everything in...work, the end of school,
sewing, blogging, and social media.
Do you agree???

After all of the priorities are fulfilled,
I like to let the spirit move me...
it calms me to stitch up something sweet.
Lately I've been de-stressing by sewing up

I always use the fabulous tutorial from Kim at My Go-Go Life.

I've just listed four of my newest pinnies

For this set of pincushions,
I used several prints from "The Cottage Garden"
by Quilted Fish.
Here's a delightfully fresh pink and turquoise blend.

Check out this giant flower print
that was just the right size to create the backing.

I make my own covered buttons.
I wanted a geometric print, and I like
this one from Color Theory by V and Co for Moda.

I realized that these two fabric lines
play together very nicely!
I put together some gray and turquoise prints,
and here's the pretty result.

Again, that covered button just wins my heart!

I have made a few other items using turquoise and golden yellow,
so I chose to create another pinnie from that palette.

I had fun setting up some props to show off
my new favorite pincushion.

In a decidedly modern mood,
the last pinnie I made was lime and gray,
using only the Color Theory prints.

Stripes and geometrics make it fun.

The backing echoes the cathedral window design.

All of these pinnies are listed in my eamylove shop on Etsy.

Stop by often to see what else pops up for sale, over the summer!

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May 7, 2016

Crafted Applique - Book Release Blog Hop (Giveaway is now closed.)

Hello, Friends!

I often open my blog posts with that greeting,
and today I'm so excited to share a new book
that was written by one of my Friends!

{Scroll down to find out how you can win a copy of Crafted Applique!}

This giveaway is now closed. The winning comment was #3 - Heather K.

I "met" Lara through blogging,
and I've been anticipating her book release
with great excitement.
I could tell from Lara's blog style that we were
in for a treat with a quilting book
that is both instructional and exciting!

Lara herself had told me that she had
developed a unique method
for creating applique designs.
I LOVE a good mystery book,
so when my copy arrived,
I sat down to discover this innovative approach
to raw-edge applique.

"Hello Mr. Ranger, Sir!" Insulated Pic-a-nic Bag from Crafted Applique
This book is a light-bulb for me.
Without revealing the secret...
there is a good reason why it's named "Crafted Applique."

This technique will appeal to the crafter in the quilter!
May of us have dabbled in making other artsy-craftsy projects,
and preparing the applique will bring back happy memories.

The technique is simple and inexpensive,
versatile and innovative.
You will ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" 
It will make you look at your fabric stash in a whole new way!

Daisy Hot Pad project from Crafted Applique
I can tell that some of my fabrics that have been ignored
will be starring in future projects.
I knew I liked these prints,
but now I understand why I liked them.
They have so much potential!

How can you get this book? Well...I'm glad you asked!

where this book is now available at a bargain price.
You can also find it at Lara's Big Cartel shop
for a very special sale price,
or on the American Quilter's Society website.


Maybe you can win a copy of Crafted Applique!!!
To enter the random giveaway,
just leave a comment on this post,
to describe how you feel about applique.
Love it, hate it, fear it, or admire it?
This giveaway ends at midnight on
Saturday, May 14, 2016.

I'll contact the winner by email,
so include your email address if you are a no-reply blogger.

There are plenty of other opportunities
to win a copy of Crafted Applique,
by visiting all of these stops along the blog hop.
Lara herself is adding some more fun giveaways,
too, so keep on checking in at BuzzinBumble blog!

{This giveaway is now closed. The winner - comment #3 - Heather K was contacted by email.}

Crafted Appliqué… New Possibilities Blog Hop - May 1st to June 5th 2016

Introduce Tour   

Valerie Smith
Dana Gaffney
Lorna McMahon
Mary Schuberg
Alycia Carmin
Sherri McConnell
Lara Buccella
Guest Post

Christina Cameli
Melissa Corry
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Sandra Walker

Cheryl Brickey
Judy Murphy
Yvonne Fuchs
Cindy Pieters
Connie Campbell
Cynthia Brunz

Jenn Trott-Zisserson
Paulette Horn
Sandra Jansen

Christine Sherman

Darlene Simmons
Giveaway Winners Announced!         


Crafted Applique provides lots of detailed information,
teaching a new way to create appliqued projects.
The inspiration will continue long after the first project is finished!

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