September 5, 2016

Project Sweetwater - Solids - Part I

Hello, Friends!
 Earlier this summer I got a fun box in the mail,
from Project Sweetwater.

Even though I ordered it for myself,
it was very exciting to have it delivered.
Inside, I found all of the things that were promised,
and a few little fun surprises.

The star of the show was this amazing
bundle of solids, curated by the girls of Sweetwater.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of it...
this bundle looks so smart and inviting,
yet I hated to unwrap that pretty ribbon.

There was a project booklet filled with tempting blocks
that could be created from these awesome colors.
Oh, yes...I had to open the bundle and get started.

I love the simple graphic designs of the projects.
I'm taking my time, since my hand is still not strong,
but this is good therapy.

I'm sharpening my skills,
and next time I'll show you some things I've discovered
about sewing with accuracy.

Until then...
enjoy another pretty bundle photo!

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  1. The friendship star is a favourite block and those solids are so perfect for it. I am glad you treated yourself - you deserve it.

  2. I hope you have fun with all those
    wonderful fabrics. They look super.

  3. I love sewing with solids, they mix so perfectly with so many other fabrics. Your package looks so inviting....always hard to undo those lovely little bundles I find. Have fun with your new treats!
    Helen xox


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