December 1, 2013

Mug Hugs - Across the Pond

For the December edition
Amanda The Patchsmith has come up
with a trendy new accessory...
the MUG HUG!

{No, it's not a typo...that's what she calls them. She's so clever!}

Photo by The Patchsmith
That's just ONE of the mug hugs Amanda
has made...a little fox,
using this free pattern by Crafty Staci,
with a brand-new Patchsmith mug rug pattern to match.

{This pattern also includes a super sweet bonus coaster!}

Photo by The Patchsmith
Susie has joined in over at Susie's Sunroom,
showing some darling mug hugs of her own.
The Patchsmith made The Fox, and Susie made The Hound!

Photo from Susie's Sunroom blog
I'm a bit behind schedule in making up any
new mug hugs, but I made this one a while ago,
using a paper sleeve as my template.

This type of mug hug works best on a disposable cup,
as it is tapered in shape.

I used a pretty button as a fastener.
These mug rugs are a great way to use up
one-of-a-kind favorite buttons!

Even though my red mug is straight-sided,
the Christmas mug hug looks pretty cute,
in my humble opinion!

It's time to get out those Christmas mug rugs
and give those hot chocolate mugs a nice hug!

If you'd like to join in the fun this month,
here are some more fun patterns, tutorials
and inspirational photos...
they should get you started!

I think the first time I ever saw a mug hug was in
an issue of Mollie Makes magazine.
Some were knitted and others were crocheted,
so there was something for everyone.

{Instructions are included here.}

Photo from Mollie Makes Magazine
Look at this adorable snowman
mug hug,
with instructions on the Red Heart Yarn blog!

Photo by Red Heart Yarn

At Embroidery Library Projects blog,
you can find full instructions
for making an embroidered coffee cozy.
Plain or fancy, these are really pretty!

{Susie made TWO of these...sort of...stop over to see!}

Photo from Emboidery Library Projects blog
Over at SewMuch2Luv,
you will find instructions for making this
{lovely} mug hug, with...RIC RAC!

{Now, why didn't I think of that?!?!?!?!}

Photo from SewMuch2Luv blog
That ought to get everybody started!
If you make some mug hugs,
please share photos in the Flickr group!

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  1. Thanks for more fun options! I am just learning to crochet, so that cute Snowman sleeve is getting me very curious!! Your candy cane mug hug is very sweet and pretty, with that fancy button!


  2. What a cute and cleaver idea! I have never seen anything like this. Thanks.

  3. What a lovely selection - particularly like the snowman. And your mug hug is elegant and very country-chic - perfect for a Cath Kidston mug.

  4. Oh how fun!! I can't wait to get started! These will make great 'extras' ad Christmas gifts!


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