May 6, 2014

A New Herd of Elephants

Here they come...a whole new herd
of baby elephants!

I introduced my first bunch of these little elephants,

They sure were fun to create,
using the pattern pieces printed a bit smaller, at 75%.

Turns out...I needed a lot more BOY elephants,
so this time I chose some brighter prints.

{I think they are actually suitable for little girls, too!}

I'm just crazy for the navy blue and lime combination!
The checkerboard print is from Bonnie and Camille's
Happy Go Lucky line. 
I paired it with a retro flower print
from V and Co's Simply Color, both for Moda.

I got a bit carried away with some of my stash
of Heather Bailey prints, in Bijoux and Fresh Cut.

A couple of the others were made from
Tula Pink's Hushabye line,
in baby soft aqua and white, with tiny raindrops
and sweet circus wheel motifs.

See that gray elephant in the center,
with the red gingham ears?
I think I'm playing favorites here,
but I.Love.That.One.

{The gray print was from another Bonnie and Camille line, called Vintage Modern.}

I really enjoyed taking in a bag full of baby elephants,
so my friends could choose one just right for their special little baby!

It was more fun than a 3-ring circus!

I'll be making more of these someday...

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  1. These little guys are so far beyond cute! I guess I need to get that pattern for myself.

  2. You were so inspired and productive! A celebration of colors! Keep on!

  3. Eeny meeny miny moe
    Trunk to tail they have to go
    Across the pond to you-know-where
    Grey cherries with gingham ear!

  4. So cute in your fabrics!! These will be such lovely baby gifts!!


  5. So now I have a good idea of what's in your stash! Absolutely adorable, Amy.
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  6. I wouldn't have known which one to chose. They are all gorgeous!


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