June 23, 2014

Swap Sent and Revealed - Need a Little Needle Book

At long last, it's time to share
what I made for my partner in the 
Need a Little Needle Book swap!

{Visit our Flickr page here to see more needle books from the swap!}

As the Swap Mama for our exchange,
I had the luxury of selecting the person
who would create a needle book for me,
and also the one who would receive my creation.
I chose to send my needle book to
the lovely and talented Gail.

Having just met Gail,
all I knew about her was 
that she enjoys happy bright colors.

That led me to pull these fabrics,
and I named my project the
Bright Idea Needle Book.

{I hope it will inspire happiness and creativity for Gail!}

I could not resist using the tutorial by Nana Company
to create this little needle book.
I see more of these in my future,
because they are pure FUN to create!

to lay out the squares for the back,
plus a strip of squares for the front panel.

I added a ric rac edging, and I really think
it adds sweetness and fun to the finished needle keep.

Want to see the back?
I love it as much as the front...
yep, I need to make another one,
with the patchwork on the FRONT.

And now let's look inside...
this time I chose some turquoise wool felt
for the interior pages.

I used more ric rac - in golden yellow.

I found some lovely lace,
and I added a bit of butterfly...
always a bright idea!

So once that little needle book
was finished,
I decided to create a matching pincushion!

I used a favorite pattern
purchased from Details by Des on Etsy.

Can you just imagine how squeezy this pinnie is?

One of the reasons I chose to make 
this style of pinnie was that I got to use...
more ric rac!!!

See those covered buttons, too?
They are another favorite design detail of mine.

I made a couple of extra covered buttons
to send along...

So that's what I made for my swap partner...
stop by again soon to find out
what I received!

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  1. Lovely set...wish I were Gail! Thanks for organizing the swap. It has been so fun to see what everyone has made.

  2. Oh Amy, so cute, the needle book is so lovely with the colors of turquoise you added....The pinnie is very squishy looking I must say......

  3. I LOVE It!! How cute is the matching pincushion! I am such a fan of ric rac and am fortunate to have lots of ric rac that my Mum had stashed in her cupboard from the 70's. I love the idea of curving the corners of the needle book and adding ric rac around the edge. Clever and pretty!

  4. You are so inspirational with your little projects! Great choice of fun colors. I am so jealous of Gail and can hardly wait to see the other pictures. Your covered buttons are amazing! ~Shari

  5. So sweet, I am sending mine out tomorrow.

  6. The pinnie and needle book are both delightful! The colors, the stitching, the details... all so wonderful!

  7. I love everything about this! You nailed the bright and cheerful theme. The details of the needle book are beautiful and that pincushion is so happy! Your swap partner is a lucky lady.
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  8. So cute and fun! The matching pinnie is a great idea. Can't wait to receive mine!

  9. What a beautiful needlebook and pincushion from you! I know Gail will be thrilled and treasure them for years everytime she sees them !


  10. Love everything you made! How nice of you to do this. Love the colors and the entire package couldn't be better.

  11. It's a gorgeous set Amy, I'm sure your swap partner loved it. The colours are lovely together.

  12. It all looks so awesome!! I am hoping to finish mine today!

  13. I absolutely adore this needle book and pin cushion! You never disappoint, Amy!!


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