October 30, 2014

End of October - Across The Pond Sew Along Rag Wreath

This month's
featured a fun project...
rag wreaths!

My sister Susie  over at Susie's Sunroom
created a sweet wreath from a range of plum fabrics.
She added some button details.

Amanda The Patchsmith...
our British "sister"...styled her own
autumn wreath with flannel plaid,
accented with golds, oranges and reds.

When I saw those two projects, I made sure
I took the time to make a rag wreath of my own!
I pulled out a stack of homespun wovens
that have been in my stash for...
ahem...a very long time.

I followed the tutorial by Hiphome for my project,
and I cut my strips about 1 1/2" x 5" or so.
I wouldn't have wanted those strips any shorter,
because they would have been difficult to tie.

My mom and I had a wonderful afternoon
of crafting together, and she created her own
wreath to take home.

My finished wreath looks so full and pretty, 
hung on my front door.

OK...let's be real.
I had to take photos on the front door,
but my wreath will NOT be living there.
The first rainy night or snowy storm
would probably ruin my fluffy wreath.
It's an inside wreath!

I only took the outside photos
so you could see how lovely it is.
It doesn't show up well in my indoor pictures,
but that's where it will really be kept.

{I couldn't get any nice photos of Mom's wreath, but is gorgeous,
hanging in her hallway, against a taupe wall.}

From now through Thanksgiving,
I'll enjoy looking at this lovely textured
autumn palette...I wish you could touch this wreath!

I hope you'll try making one of your own.
If you do, please add it to the 

Come back tomorrow for
another October finish...as we finish October!

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  1. Don't worry Amy....they look lovely even though we
    can't touch them. I love both colour selections chosen.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Just as I would expect from Amy Made That - STUNNING. It looks really good being so full - it adds to the cosiness. So glad you and your Mom got to be crafty together.

  3. It looks so pretty on the door. I love those colors. This is such a great project for scraps too! Mine is almost done!


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