November 11, 2014

Some Guest Posting - Hexagons and Elementary Fabric

Maybe you've noticed already...
I've been doing a bit of guest posting

I just finished a 3-part blog series,
by Sweetwater for Moda.
I had been drooling over this line of fabric
since the first time I saw it...
it must be because we have so many teachers in my extended family!

In Part 1
I test-drove a new-to-me specialty ruler,
I can only begin to describe how FUN this tool is to use.

You can make such a variety of hexagons,
each one using similar simple steps.

There's a video here, that I referred to for lots of ideas.
Sometimes the simplest designs are really stunning.

These hexagons are a lot like snowflakes...
each one unique, and also beautiful.

{Oooooh! I just inspired myself...I think I'll have to try making some in wintery fabrics!}

In Part 2
those hexagons were put to use
when I created Textagon Mug Rugs.

Each of these would make a great gift
for a teacher or a student,
don't you think???

For Part 3
I decided to design a Library Book Bag,
featuring hexagon blocks on the front and the back.

Like it???
You can follow the tutorial to make your own
Library Book Bag.

I've got some leftovers from my fat quarter bundle,
just begging to be made into gifts
for teachers and students.

Stop back soon to see what I'm going to make
with this A+ Elementary fabric

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  1. This is great, Amy! I may have to look out for that tool... and the fabrics!!

  2. I love all of the projects you made in Elementary, and with that wonderful hexi ruler tool! You just put the right fabrics together! Your library bag is really sweet! I am saving that tutorial for my "to do " list!

  3. Amy-
    You are such a talent and we love having you on our team! Thanks again for your beautiful projects and here's looking forward to the next ones! ~Shari

  4. It's a perfect fit between the fabrics and the projects you made! I love them!

  5. Oh, Amy, these are great. I love the polka dot lining!

  6. I'm loving these hexies...and that tote makes them even prettier! Great colors.


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