October 9, 2015

Welcome - My Final Farm Girl Vintage Block

Hello, Friends!

Today I'm going to wrap up my Farm Girl Vintage series
with the beautiful block called Welcome.

If you have the Farm Girl Vintage book,
you will know that this is not the "last block" in the book.
They are listed in alphabetical order,
and there are a few more blocks after this one.

I decided to make this block last,
because it looked so much easier to construct
I figured I would finish with a quick and easy block.

{Insert uncontrollable giggles here.}

Well...for some reason,
I found this block to be kind of difficult to make.
I enjoyed stitching it, but, when I measured
my finished block, it was about 1/4" too big!!!

I just couldn't cut off those tips and be happy.
I thought and thought about it, but...that would not work for me!
So there was only one thing left to do...
make another block.

This time I paid careful attention to the size
of each unit within the block.
I measured and trimmed,
and I noticed that my piecing was not as good
as I thought, along the way.
There was a bit of crookedness here and there.

Even this time, being soooo careful,
my new block had some seams that didn't line up perfectly.

That's okay...I really loved my new combination
of fabrics, and I learned how to be more precise along the way.
In the end, my new block was just about the perfect size.

Guess what I found,
literally the day after I finished this block!

{You'll never guess...I'll have to tell you.}

I saw a post at Fig Tree Quilts, featuring this awesome,
brilliant, sweet pattern, made up from this same block!
This pattern was being featured as Fig Tree Quilts is bringing back
some of their most popular fabrics, in Strawberry Fields Revisited.


Star Crossed Pattern by Fig Tree Quilts

I really love the way people create new projects using
genuine vintage-style blocks that have been around
for generations.

The finished block is the same...
but there have been so many creative minds
working to make this block their own way, their own style,
for their own life and family.
That is the appeal that quilting has for me!

Now that I've practiced this lovely block...
no matter what it's called...
I hope to make more of them.
I think I'll make this slightly super-sized one
into one of the Farm Girl Vintage pot holders.

It will be a pleasant way to remember the Farm Girl Vintage sew along.

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  1. I love your "Welcome" block! The colors & fabrics are so pretty together.
    I just finished the Vintage Farm Girl quilt (in 6 inch blocks). My secret for getting all the points and seams to match up was to spray the heck out of the fabrics before I cut them. I also pressed most of the seams open so the blocks would lie nice & flat. Regards, Nettie from Spanish Fork, UT

  2. PS: Oh, I used spray starch to press the blocks. Nettie

  3. I adore both of your Welcome blocks! They are sew pretty! ! Nettie has a good tip reminder about starching. I don't do that often and should.
    I can't wait to see all that you make from your gorgeous blocks!!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your welcome block post. The blocks are just lovely and your eye for combining the fabrics is excellent as always!

  5. I love your blocks - all of them. Your fabric combos have always been awesome. Some of the blocks in the sew-along are quite 'traditional' - I am thinking of the 'simple star' block, the 'sunflower' block and the 'welcome' block. Making them and all the Farm Girl Vintage has been such good fun. Can't wait to see your blocks all together. xxx

  6. Another beautiful block. I adore your fabrics and the way you have put them together. I too, like the Patchsmith, can hardly wait to see this quilt completed.

    Did you get one of the Patchsmith's cow blocks that perfectly coordinates with the Lori Holt blocks? It is the cutest little cow block ever. I bought her pattern and I adore it.

    If you haven't seen it check it out! http://thepatchsmith.blogspot.com/2015/08/patchwork-cow-mug-rug-and-daisy-cow.html

    Beautifully done!

  7. Lovely block! And I predict that the matching potholder will become you the "star" of your kitchen. 8-)

    I really enjoy following your blog.

    xo Linda

  8. Your blocks are fantastic! I've really enjoyed seeing which fabrics you choose - this quilt along has been so much fun!


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