June 7, 2016

New Pinnies For eamylove on Etsy

Hello, Friends!
As summer begins, I'm finding it difficult
to fit everything in...work, the end of school,
sewing, blogging, and social media.
Do you agree???

After all of the priorities are fulfilled,
I like to let the spirit move me...
it calms me to stitch up something sweet.
Lately I've been de-stressing by sewing up

I always use the fabulous tutorial from Kim at My Go-Go Life.

I've just listed four of my newest pinnies

For this set of pincushions,
I used several prints from "The Cottage Garden"
by Quilted Fish.
Here's a delightfully fresh pink and turquoise blend.

Check out this giant flower print
that was just the right size to create the backing.

I make my own covered buttons.
I wanted a geometric print, and I like
this one from Color Theory by V and Co for Moda.

I realized that these two fabric lines
play together very nicely!
I put together some gray and turquoise prints,
and here's the pretty result.

Again, that covered button just wins my heart!

I have made a few other items using turquoise and golden yellow,
so I chose to create another pinnie from that palette.

I had fun setting up some props to show off
my new favorite pincushion.

In a decidedly modern mood,
the last pinnie I made was lime and gray,
using only the Color Theory prints.

Stripes and geometrics make it fun.

The backing echoes the cathedral window design.

All of these pinnies are listed in my eamylove shop on Etsy.

Stop by often to see what else pops up for sale, over the summer!

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  1. These are all so sweet Amy! lovely fabric combinations too! I have always had a weak spot for covered buttons too. I don't know what it is about them.

  2. These are beautiful. And I love the way you have photographed them. Is it weird that they make me hungry?! :)

  3. I totally agree, ends of spring and beginnings of summers are always extra busy. Your pincushions are exquisite and very beautifully done! Your covered buttons are perfect. And the motif on your back fabric was used very cleverly. I also love how you photographed them; your pictures are gorgeous!


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