January 9, 2014

Quilty Fun - Flying Geese, Chubby Chevrons, and Cocoa Cups

I promised to show my latest blocks

Here they are...all finished up!

First I made a whole flock of little tiny
Flying Geese!

I'm happy that I used the same green for all of the backgrounds,
even though my little green spatula blocks blended in
a bit too much with the background.

I was kind of scared to try making this block
the Quilty Fun way...
I've read mixed reviews about this method,
and the finished blocks are sooooooo small!

I decided to try just one block
using the technique provided in the Quilty Fun book.
Admittedly, I had very little fabric to trim away,
but my little blocks came out really well!

I just kept going,
and they all seemed to work out right.

I think the secret to my success was that I used
a spool of 50-wt Aurafil thread for piecing,
and it was noticeably thinner than the thread I usually use.

{I think I LOVE Aurafil thread for piecing little blocks!}

Another trick I tried was to use a hot iron with NO STEAM...
to avoid any distortion of those little wee blocks.

After my success with the Flying Geese blocks,
I was feeling pretty cocky...
maybe even over-confident!

It was really fun to choose the fabric pairs for the x blocks.

{Oops...I can see a little mismatch of seams there on the right. 
Oh, well...no one likes a show-off!}

The Cocoa Cups block was the easiest so far...
nice big pieces to cut and sew,
and those handles were really slick to stitch!

I think that this mug
looks a lot like a Cath Kidston crush mug!

On to the next block...
come back again soon to see mine!

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  1. Pretty. Than green just reminds me of spring so much.

  2. Just beautiful.....and I love the green!

  3. OMG can't believe you got those tiny flying geese blocks so perfectly!
    I will remember about that Aurofil thread, too.
    Love all of these cheerful and fun little blocks.... they are delightful!
    If I wasn't doing all of my BoM's, I'd have to join along doing these, too,


  4. I am loving your fabric choices and the decision to make all your flying geese with the same background adds unity. Nicely done .... again.

  5. Amy, I am so glad you are liking the Aurifil. I tell you I was sold. Your blocks, all of them, are perfection plus the fabric selections are just right! Can't wait to see what's next!

  6. Such pretty blocks and your sewing is amazing!


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