January 20, 2014

My Very Cherry Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen!
Let's take some time to enjoy some tea,
and I'll show you something new I've made!

One way to beat the winter blues
is to stitch up something new for the kitchen table.

I've got a little kitchen that may be
undergoing a few changes in 2014,
according to my husband.
It's got lots of oak cabinetry,
and the walls are painted a shade of aqua-green
that I just adore.

{My favorite thing is this Hoosier cabinet...
a family heirloom that deserves its own post someday.}

Every chance I get,
I like to add a little pop of cherry RED in the kitchen.
That's why I chose these two awesome prints
to make my new table topper.

The gingham check satisfies my "thing" for gingham
and lends a picnic feeling to the kitchen every day.
It's an excellent quality, woven gingham,
and the shade of red is just what I was looking for.
The fabric weight is a wee bit lighter than home dec,
so it blends perfectly with either quilting cottons or home dec prints.

The cherry print reflects my favorite vintage kitchen theme,
and it even has a tiny aqua polka dot 
throughout the background...
a perfect match for my kitchen walls!
The cherry motifs are about 2 - 3" across,
so they show up beautifully.

I took a cue from the Christmas tree skirt I'd made,
and I fashioned a hexagonal table topper,
using the two prints in alternating strips.

I just stitched up the triangles to form
a giant hexagon.
Because the fabrics are home dec weight,
I left the topper unlined,
and just finished it off with a hem.

The table topper is such a sweet way 
to brighten my kitchen table.
I'll leave it on the table for tea,
but when it's dinnertime,
it's easily whisked away for storage.

Stop by my blog again soon,
and I'll make something else for my
Very Cherry Kitchen!

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  1. Love your tabletopper .. red and white are my favourite colours.

  2. This is adorable!! You know how much I love red and white. I'd feel right at home in your kitchen!

  3. Totally awwwwsome!! Love the combo of these fabrics.

  4. It's gorgeous and so perfect for your table in your kitchen!!
    Love how it turned out! It does brighten up a winter day!


  5. I can envisage many a cup of tea spent in your lovely kitchen surrounded by your gorgeous red & white gingham, polka dots and cherries. 'Tis a kitchen that sings tunes of happiness and friendship!!Loving your table topper.....it will add a ray of sunshine to the dreariest of Winter days!!

  6. It`s just beautiful and love your fabrics combo.Have a fun week!

  7. Olá! Amy adorei sua cozinha e já estou seguindo seu blog se quiser visitar o meu, fique a vontade!


  8. Hello, I just found your blog this morning. I just signed up for the pin cushion swap, too! I love your Gingham, I have a "thing" for it, too; yellow gingham makes me a bit giddy! I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a gorgeous day!

  9. The cherries and gingham are so inviting. It makes me want to come over and sit with you and have some tea. :) (I don't even drink hot tea.)

  10. Who deosn't love cherries in a kitchen? soooo cute! good luck on the "big" project. Ours is still on hold!

  11. So sweet, Amy! Those cherries and checks really melt this winter chill!

  12. Very pretty! Makes me think of summer.

  13. I love this Amy, so bright and cheerful! and the shape/size on the round table is perfect. Bravo! XXOO


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