September 9, 2014

Little Linen Basket By Susie

Have you had a chance to try making an
origami butterfly yet?
It's this month's theme for the 

As soon as I had made my butterfly,
I wondered where it might land.
I loved Susie's idea to attach it to a
darling little fabric basket!

Photo from Susie's Sunroom blog
Would you believe...
Susie has actually created
a FREE TUTORIAL for making this
Leaf N Linen Basket?

It's available right this minute to download, on Craftsy!

I have to admit it...
I've got a "thing" for little containers.
Whether it's pouches or tins,
boxes or baskets,
I love to collect them.
They're fun to use for keeping little things in one place.

I had sew much fun making this little basket,
and the instructions were very easy to follow.
I'm thrilled with the quilted linen exterior.

I just pulled out the necessary supplies,
and in less than an hour,
I had a finished basket for my butterfly.

I love looking at it from all angles.
The quilting design looks cool on the sides,
dontcha think?

This little piece of cute will be my new sewing buddy.
I can get lots more notions in there,
you know.

After I'm finished with my project,
I think I'll use it to keep some candy handy!

I wish I could share some candy,
or some sewing time, with you.
Thank goodness for Craftsy...we can ALL enjoy 

{Head on over and treat yourself to a new pattern.}

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  1. This is so very lovely. One of my favourites. Your style matched with Susie's clever little tub is the perfect union.

  2. Your linen mini basket is just adorable! I love the colors and your quilting, and of course it is just perfect with the delicate butterfly landing upon it!

  3. Your little basket and butterfly are sooo gorgeous, such a pretty feminine pattern.

  4. This basket is so darn cute!! I can't wait until I actually have time to sit and create something. I really, really am missing that. Thanks, as always, for being so inspiring, Amy!!

  5. Love these they are fabulously sweet, I can easily see me using a few of these in my craft room.


  6. Thank you for the Leaf N Linen free pattern! That is so sweet of you and so generous.
    I'm always looking for gifts to make for my quilting friends or anyone, and this is just perfect ;0


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