September 1, 2014

September Across The Pond - Butterflies!

I've been noticing a new trend
in fabric lines and crafts...

Have you seen 'em?
They're featured in so many places
that quilters and sewists love to visit.

One place I love to visit is Susie's Sunroom,
and Susie has chosen a sweet butterfly project
for this month's Across The Pond Sew Along theme...
Origami Butterflies!

{You'll find the free instructions for the one below at Michelle Patterns.}

Look what Susie did...
her butterfly has landed on a pretty quilted basket!

{Stop by her blog to see another one that has metamorphosized into a bookmark!}

Not to be outdone,
has created her own stunning butterflies.

Inspired by these pretty, flighty, fluttery friends...
and by that, of course, I mean the butterflies...
I made my own version.

{So easy and quick...I made mine in 20 minutes, at 11 pm!}

Of course, I chose my favorite colors,
turquoise and lime.

I used some Color Me Retro fabric for the small print,
and paired with lime gingham from Darla by Tanya Whelan.

I stole the idea from was inspired by Amanda
to use some pretty ribbon
for a delicate pair of antennae.
That's my favorite detail on this sweet little project.

I'm not kidding when I say that you and a little child
in your life could make these
as a fun art project.
There is minimal stitching, very easy to do,
and the adult in the room could handle the ironing.
Children love origami!

If you are looking for more butterfly inspiration,
check out my Pinterest board,
as well as the links listed below.

Pictured here is Wingspan, one of the fabrics from
a new Bonnie Christine line
for Art Gallery, called Winged.

Next, from Frivolous Necessity, is a quilt that's been on my 
absolutely-must-make-that-someday list, 
from the moment I first saw it.
When I was a little girl, 
my dad made a real butterfly specimen collection
for a college course,
and it reminds me of that one.

Of course, butterflies have been
starring in quilt shows for years and years.
pieced into a beautiful example.

Some fabric butterflies can be no-sew,
as shown in this clever tutorial

That should get you started thinking
about butterflies.
If you've got the chance to create
butterfly projects of your own this month,
please feel free to share them

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  1. What an elegant butterfly. And some lovely fabric suggestions for butterfly project. Perfect.

  2. I love your butterfly fabrics! Isn't it fun to see the different colors we can make them, just as nature creates so many different kind of butterflies! I loved seeing the butterfly quilts, too.

  3. These origami butterflies are so pretty! Can't wait to try making one myself!

  4. Just cute. I love the colors and all the other butterfly goodness you shared. Well done!

  5. Too cute! My daughter would love some of the origami butterflies for her room.


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