February 22, 2015

Guest Post - Great Granny Star Pillow - Free Tutorial

Hello, Friends!
I'm guest posting again over at
for a new 3-part series.

We're going to use some of the brand-new fabric
from V and Co for Moda...

{I used a fat quarter bundle, but this project is layer-cake and charm-pack friendly.}

I've discovered a brand-new way to put zippers on a pillow,
and I'll show you how to do that, too, in the same post.

Best of all...I've designed a brand-new quilt block,
called the Granny Star!

The finished project is this brand-new pillow!

Oh, yeah, and it's reversible!

Yep - that's a BIG pillow...about 22" square!
I call it the "Great Granny Star Pillow".
If that's a bit too big for your taste, don't worry.
Soon I'll be sharing two more Granny Star projects,
with down-sized blocks.

I hope you'll join me over at
Bear Creek Quilting Company for this new series!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Amy! Love the colors/fabric you choose.

  2. Stunning - as ever. My couch will look lovely this year what with your wonderful tutorials and Susie's new pattern.

  3. Very nice tutorial....I will have to try the new zipper style. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Amy love the Star, but I may need to make it quilt size...great tutorial, and fabrics are lovely....

  5. Zippers are my nemesis Amy, so I have to know how you made that one!
    I see why you named the pillow Granny Star - it looks like an afghan style Granny square, but with a star, A really awesome pillow and the colors are fantastic! Okay, i'm waddling off to Bear Creek.

  6. Thank you for the tutorial and for the zipper tip! There are never enough tips when we say zippers! Love the big pillows, the colors and the reversible one!

  7. Gorgeous pillow cover...the zipper is catching my eye too! Zippers aren't my favorite!

  8. I love this Granny Star pattern in these fabrics! What a gorgeous pillow!!

  9. Love the fabrics and the pillow!! Great design!!!

  10. Love the colors, I haven eyeing that bundle, I have never used V&Co before, I know shame on me. That design is something special!! well done!


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