February 15, 2015

Zen Blossoms Purse

Q: What's black and white
and red all over???

A: My latest tote bag!

Do you remember seeing this little zip pouch here?

Well, recently someone asked me to make
a tote bag for her,
using the same black/white/red floral fabric.

It's from Michael Miller,
and it's called Zen Blossoms.

It's been a while since that fabric came out,
and I had used up my supply of it.
led me to a shop that still carries this print.

{I just typed in "zen blossoms" and...poof!}

In my stash I found some black-and-white fabrics
that blended nicely,
as well as a bright red polka dot.

I can't tell you how many times I've used this pattern.
This time, though, I chose to leave out the pleated accent band.
Instead, I quilted the bag, in a diamond design.

That's one thing that my customer liked about
in the first place.

I love talking about my purses and bags...
Notice the two-toned bag handles
that I almost always create
for my bags and purses.

The zippered pocket just called out
for me to choose a RED zipper.
Such an attention-grabber!

For the interior pocket strip,
I went big and bold, with a chevron fabric.

The little "eamylove" label
lets my customer know I made this tote bag
just for her!

I wish I could make a custom tote bag for everybody!
But...I can't.
That's okay, though, because you can make
them for yourself,
just the way you want them,

{Here's another one of my purse-onal favorites,
created with Joel Dewberry's Aviary fabrics.}

If you make any,
I would love to see them!
Be sure to share them on my Flickr page,

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  1. Your tote is so wonderful Amy! I love the fabrics you've used in both the versions you show here. Isn't it great to sometimes be able to find fabrics on the internet?!
    Well it just so happens that I need to make a couple of totes and now I can relax and use your terrific pattern instead of having to figure one out from scratch. I'm really jazzed about it!

  2. Love it. Your choice of fabrics is stunning - as always. I love your Anita Vacation Tote - it is a very clever little pattern and I use my bag every single week.

  3. Such a lovely couple, the bag and the little purse, there are perfect projects! When I admire your post, I am delighted by the words too...what to say more about the fabrics? Well done, dear Amy!

  4. I really love this B&W&R Anita Vacation Tote! The fabrics are just so gorgeous the way you put them together! This pattern is really so perfect for having a sophisticated tote , that can double as a purse!

  5. OH....I absolutely love the black and yellow bag! I am not a quilty bag person...but that got my attention...;-) Lovely patterns!


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