March 9, 2015

Guest Posting - Part 2 - A New Granny Star Pillow

Lucky me, to be invited again
to present another guest post over at
I've downsized the block a bit,
finishing it into another, smaller pillow.


I changed the color palette,
choosing the mustard yellow and gray prints
from the fabulous Color Theory bundle.

This time the block-building process is a bit different.
I assembled the block using only squares
this time, and no triangles.

{It produced a bit of waste, but nothing to be alarmed about.}

I think you'll find it very easy to make
a pillow of your own from this new tutorial.
The finished size is about 15" square...
just right for an accent pillow.

Stick with me, friends...
the little grandbaby project is coming soon!

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  1. Love it ~ Can't wait till the "Grandbaby project" comes!!!

  2. That's gorgeous and I LOVE those colors! Grandbaby?!?! How wonderful!


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