May 13, 2015

Spring Petals Table Topper QAL - Color Me Retro

Hello, Friends!
Have you been quilting along

This quilt along came along at just the right time for me!
I was ready for a new table topper for my kitchen table,
and I had just the right stash of fabrics on hand.

The Crafty Quilter did such a great job planning this
quilt along. The pace was just right - a new lesson each week,
with extra time to add linky photos at the end.
All stress!

I took this opportunity to use my fat quarters of
Color Me Retro fabrics by Jeni Baker for Art Gallery.

{They have adorable names...Florette, Kitchenette, and Dulcette.}

I've had these prints since they were first released,
and it's about time I used them to brighten my kitchen.
I had some fun positioning the background prints
in a directional design.
For the triangle edges, I chose the violet floral stripe.

Here's how my table topper looked
with the background stitched and petals fused into place.
I think my favorite step in this project
was deciding how to place the petals!

Next I appliqued my petals using my Pfaff's blanket stitch.
I love that stitch, and it's the reason I chose my machine 14 years ago.
After all of the petals were stitched, I added the petal centers.

What a difference those centers made...they brought out the lime.
This was such a pleasant surprise, because I'd already
planned to use a lime polka dot for the binding.

For the quilting, I decided to go lightly.
I stitched around each petal,
plus added a right angle to echo the violet triangle shapes.

{I forgot to take this shot before the project was finished.} 

{You can see the overall design best on the back.}

Let's do a bit of time traveling...back in time from the photo above!
After the quilting was completed, I carefully trimmed the table topper.

So, what about binding all of those corners, including the inverted ones?

Oh, The Crafty Quilter has a tutorial for that!
I'm not gonna was a bit tricky,
and it took like.for.ever to handstitch the binding
to the back, but it was really worth it!

I love my finished table's something I'm keeping,
just for myself. It will make me think of my friend Julie,
The Crafty Quilter, and all of my friends who quilted along.

I bet I'll make another one someday!

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  1. Stunning! How fun to use one of your favorite stash fabric bundles!! I love your table topper, and it is perfect for your kitchen!

  2. I feel like a proud mama! Your table topper is beautiful, Amy! I love the bright fabrics and your blanket stitching is perfect. Thank you for following along!

  3. I love the colors Amy...just perfect....

  4. Aw wow! That is so cool Amy! Isn't that awesome how the fabric added to the complexity of the pattern? Love your fussy cutting and the backing too. It's fun to see how wonderfully different each person makes this topper and i love yours!

  5. The binding may have taken a little time but it finishes this table-topper off a treat. Nice one Amy. xxx


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