June 23, 2015

Farm Girl Fever!

I've caught Farm Girl fever...
I treated  myself to a copy of Lori Holt's
and now I've actually started to sew some blocks!

I have owned my book for about a month,
and I've been looking at the beautiful photos,
dreaming of making some of my own blocks soon.

The time has come...and now I'll share my versions with you!

The first block in the book seemed like
a logical place to begin.
I love the name as much as the design...
Apron Strings.

I made two blocks...
because I didn't pay close enough attention
to the cutting instructions,
and my first block wasn't very scrappy.

That's okay - I love both of these.

I think I'll make one into a pot holder...

and the other into a mug rug.

Then last night, I spent 2 hours
making the adorable Autumn Star block.
I paid for that all day today...yawn...
because I was up so late sewing.

{I think it's worth it!}

What took me so long?
Well, the little pieces are really...little!
I had to make those 
blasted little yellow HST's twice.

From now on, I am NOT following the directions
in this lovely book, for half-square triangles.
I admit it...mine come out too small.

I'm going to round up the cutting directions
to the nearest inch, stitch them, and trim them
to the perfect size.

Because...when the little pieces are all the right size...
the little blocks are really cute!

For these blocks, I've used Kona "Off White"
for my background,
and an assortment of American Jane
prints from Fresh Air.

They remind me of the 30s quilts that made all of us
first fall in love with quilting.
For my next blocks,
I'll be adding in some other feedsack-inspired fabrics,
plus lots of polka dots and other favorites.

Stop by again soon...
and follow me on Instagram as eamylove.

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  1. Welcome to the FGV Sew Along! The book is so fantastic and the blocks have been fun to make. Your fabric choices are great.

  2. I must admit I always make my HST bigger than book and trim to size. I love your three blocks - the American Jane prints are perfect for the 'vintage' projects in this book.
    p.s. Your design board is cool too!

  3. Love me some Farm Girl blocks! I just finished making every single block in the book, so I feel your pain - er, joy - about those teeny tiny squares. I spent more time picking fabric than I did sewing, but I loved every second of it. Your blocks are adorable, I LOVE the yellow!

  4. Thanks for your post, thanks for the input on the tiny HST. Makes me feel better about mine not being perfect either.

    Look forward to your future posts! (as always)

  5. What a great mix of fabrics Amy! I do love American Jane prints. And how smart you are to figure out a better way to do the tiny HSTs! I love all these blocks!


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