July 11, 2015

A Value-able Lesson - Cool Threads

is really getting a workout these days,
as I try to catch up with the sew along!

I'm learning along the way.
which minimizes distortion from pressing.

Also, I use skinny thread,
(Aurifil 50 wt)
to make my block sizes very close to 
a perfect 6 1/2" square at the end.

Today I'm showing my version of the Cool Threads block.

Now, I have a confession to make...
here are the "spools" I made at first.
When I laid them out for assembly,
I didn't love the way the colors looked together.
They didn't clash, but they didn't excite me.

I really liked that light blue one,
so I whipped up three new spools,
and this time I was satisfied.

I started to think about what made me react
differently to two similar blocks.
The difference was...value!

Here's the first block,
photographed in black and white.
One of the blocks "stands out"
from the others, being too dark.
The others are of similar value.

In the block that I liked,
there are two blocks that are darker,
but they are balanced by placement,
and the four blocks seem to belong together.

I really like those "extra" spools,
especially the navy one, and will save them
for another block to be made someday.

I like the way that teeny stripe looks like twine.

Never mind...in my final block,
I liked the way this spool looks like
variegated thread.

While I've been stitching from this book,
I noticed that a whole lot of blocks need
1 1/2" squares from the background print.
I cut some extra squares, to keep in a pretty bowl.

{I like "pretty" organizing tips, don't you?}

I hope you've enjoyed my value-able tip
and will stop by again soon!

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  1. Yes, I did like your tip! I'm going to try that with the black and white. I usually us a view finder that goes in a door when you look out to see who is there. That usually works great but I can't find it right now so I'll try the black and white.
    Your blocks are adorable!! Actually I haven't seen anything you make that I don't like.hah.ah.a

  2. What a brilliant idea Amy - the black-and-white shows up the balance perfectly. I love everything you make - balanced or not - you have such a way with colour and fabric choice.

  3. Great tips here! I just love the blocks!

  4. Great tips, Amy! I love Aurifil thread, too. You final block is so cute and a valuable lesson!

  5. Love your fabric choices Amy! The finished block is great and so is your lesson about balancing color values!

  6. Love everything in this post. Everything.


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