July 31, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage - Out of Order!

Are you following the
I found it irresistible,
and although I arrived a little late to the party,
I'm all caught up now!

Here's a glimpse of how my blocks are coming along...

This week's featured blocks were just so much fun!
They are both so All-American...
starting with Old Glory.

The book recommends making a scrappy
little yellow star,
using 5 different yellow prints.
Look how cute mine came out!!!

{True confession: my first thought was, "I'm not doin' that."}

I'm so glad I changed my mind,
when I noticed I had plenty of pretty yellow fabrics
right there on my dining room table, where I sew.

This little flag block went together quickly.
In no time, I was finished with that one.

I turned my attention to the Old Red Barn Block.
I have to say...the quarter-square triangle block
was super easy and lots of fun to make.

I think I might make something with a whole bunch
 of those blocks.
They make a cute barn door.
I took my blocks outside for a photo shoot.

Relax. Those aren't real cherries!

And these aren't real cherries either...

Have you found me on Instagram?
Sometimes I put my blocks up over there
as soon as they are finished.
But don't forget to come back here to my blog again,
for details and more photos!

I'll be catching up on some earlier blocks
from Farm Girl Vintage, over the next few weeks,
while I continue with the sew along.
Come back often!
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  1. Sweet old glory! The barn is charming. Loving all your fabrics!

  2. You may be out of order but you are right on style.

  3. I love love love your blocks! The flag block is just perfect!! And you had me fooled with the cherries... I thought you were really tempting fate for the sake of a good picture!!

  4. I'm smiling over your cherry scare photos Amy - I thought they were real too.
    Love your FGV blocks - they are adorable! You are choosing such great fabric combos!

  5. I was thinking, "I love the flag best of all." Then I saw the barn and was reminded of how I love that one best of all. Hard to choose favorites!


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