September 26, 2015

Oh, My Stars - Simple Star, Spring Star, and Summer Star

OK, I admit it...I'm starstruck!
The Farm Girl Vintage book is filled with magical star blocks.
I've got some new ones to share today.

It's always good to start out simple, right?
The Simple Star is truly a basic block,
but it comes out so differently, depending on the fabrics selected.
For mine, I selected a gray and green palette...
a bit of a modern departure from my other blocks.

I really LOVE the lime green with the gray,
and the tiny dash of red is just right.

Could those wee little strawberries be any sweeter???

The next block is called Spring Star.
This is a new block to me, and I love how complex it appears,
but the construction is very easy.

I liked the palette in the book, so I copied it.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

I bought some new bowls to use in my blog posts as props.
Don't they look pretty with these colorful fabrics?

{They also come in handy keeping my little scraps close at hand.}

After the Spring Star comes, of course, Summer Star.

Something really fun happened, as I was stitching this block.
I use my little mini design boards that I learned to make
from this Lori Holt YouTube video.
Now I know why it's called a "design board"...
I found some alternate block designs that I'll have to try someday!

Here's how the block would look without adding the little white corners
to the outer corner squares.
Oh, I was soooo tempted to leave out 16 tiny pieces!

And here's what it looks like, if the hourglass segments are rotated.
The square surrounding the navy blue center is yellow now.

Enough daydreaming...
I stitched up the block as written, in the end,
and it's as lovely as a summer evening.

Now that I'm down to the last few blocks of the Farm Girl Vintage
sew along, I reverted to my earlier palette of primary colors,
with a pop of navy blue.

I'm glad now that I stuck to the original design for this block,
but someday I'll play around with the alternate ideas.
Come back soon for more sewing inspiration!

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  1. Very cute blocks! I am really enjoying watching others get their blocks finished.

  2. Your star blocks are gorgeous additions to your FGV blocks! I really love the navy with the red and yellow fabrics!


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