September 29, 2015

Sunday Morning, Sunny Sunflower, Tumbleweed and Water Turn Blocks - Farm Girl Vintage

Hello, Friends!
We're coming to the conclusion of the 

This week the last two blocks are being featured.
I can't believe it, but...I have actually made
every block in the series.
There are a few I haven't shared yet,
but I will eventually post about those, too.

For this edition, allow me to introduce four fun blocks.

{Well, at least three of them were fun.}

First, here's the block named Sunday Morning.

This is such a pretty block.
Never mind that I lost a couple of points in the center somehow.
Sundays are all about relaxation, right?

If this block grew up to be a mug rug,
it would be fun to use this little red cocotte for some oatmeal
on a Sunday morning.

{I just learned that word...cocotte. I'm going to use it at least once a week. 
The word, not the thing.}

The next block might just be the most understated beauty
in the book, in my humble opinion...Sunny Sunflower.

This block was truly a pleasure to make,
and I can really see myself making a bunch of the 12" blocks someday,
for a larger project like a table runner or a quilt.

I really adore this flower...ever since I bought a big bunch
of cut sunflowers for my sister, as a housewarming present.
She was living in New Jersey, 
and I found the sunflowers at a local farm stand. 
They looked fabulous on her new kitchen island, in a simple white pitcher. 
It was a long time ago...maybe 20 years...
before I ever knew about blogging, or I would have had a photo to share.

That's okay...this block reminds me of that day whenever I see it.
Isn't that what a great quilt is all about?

As much as I loved making the sunflower...ahem...
the Tumbleweed block was not so much a joy.
Maybe I was tired, but I found this one a bit tricky.

It turned out fine, but there is a little note in the margin
of my book, reminding me that there are plenty of other
cute blocks that are more fun to construct.

{It actually says, "Not as enjoyable to sew...not sure why."}

I made a note for every block in the book...whether I loved it, liked it, or whatever I thought about making more of them.
The Tumbleweed block came out very nicely...
so I'm glad that's over!

The last block for today's post is called 
Water Turn.
I think this is a new block to me, and it's really pretty.

I kind of wish I had not put red and orange together
in my block, but sometimes it's good to just try a new thing.

I like the "open" feeling of this block,
with lots of background fabric in it.

You get a lot of practice making Flying Geese
for this block. I am growing to love those FG's more and more.

Come back soon for some more Farm Girl Vintage blocks...
only a few more to go!

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  1. So love the sunflower blocks. Lol the flying geese
    are tricky to start with, but fun to do. Enjoy.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. I am glad you put red and orange together in Water Turn - it looks heavenly - as do each and every one of your blocks. And I also didn't like making Tumbleweed - it looks simple enough but there is a lot of point-matching - too much for one little block.
    Glad to hear you are using your sewing books as sewing journals - it is an important reminder.
    Finally, shall we rename your sunflower block - Sunny Susie Sunflower?

    1. I second the motion, Amanda ! Tee hee
      This is a gorgeous block in your fabrics!!

  3. I love them all! And I really like the orange in the last block. I am looking forward to your finished quilt (I adore your fabric choices).

  4. They are all so beautiful Amy! I like the way the red and orange look together in Water Turn - the red is just light enough, because of the polka dots, that it works.
    Your fabric choices are going to make for one awesome quilt when you put them all together!

    1. PS - that is a very sweet memory about Susie's Sunflowers. :)

  5. LOVE your latest blocks!! The fabrics are so gorgeous!
    I also remember those sunflowers you got at the farmers stand along the road that day!
    Even though you didn't "love" making the Tumbleweed block.... it is one of my favorite of yours!
    And I , also, love the use of the orange in your Water Turn block! It adds a gentleness to the block.

  6. All your blocks look wonderful, I keep scrolling down forgetting to comment. Well done Amy!


I look forward to your comments and will read each and every one, even if I am not able to reply to all of them.