August 31, 2016

Reproduction of a Reproduction Quilt - Part 2

Hello, Friends!

Today I'll wrap up my story about my 
Quilts, actually.

I loved this one so much that I made it twice.

You can read about the first quilt here,

Do you love chain piecing?

{Thank you, Eleanor Burns, for teaching me how!
My mom doesn't even sew, but she went with me to a
Log Cabin Quilt in a Day class when I was in college.
To this day, I use lots of the information I learned from that class!}

Here's the heap of Dresden blades I made,
using chain piecing.

Never's how they look when they're untangled!

Here's my happy place...
stitching the prepared blades into pairs.

The plates look positively yummy in a stack.

They're super sweet when they're fanned out, too.
Each plate represented one calendar month.
Fortunately they don't take nearly a month to create!

I fussy cut the center circles, to show off the theme for each month.

My sewing machine has a great blanket stitch
for the applique step.
I chose to use neutral thread for every block.

I hope I'll make another Dresden quilt someday...
if only to take the glamour shots using a pretty cake plate!

I think that's my favorite subject to photograph!

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Stop by again any time!

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  1. Beautiful work! I love your fabrics, especially the two bunnies hugging each other shown in the photo showing the center circles. Would you mind sharing the name of that fabric? Thanks :)

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Sandy. I can't reply directly to you, so I hope you'll check in to find this answer to your question...all of the fabrics for this quilt are from line that came out about 10 years ago from Marcus Fabrics. They're reproduction fabrics from Aunt Grace Through the Year. Those bunnies represent the month of June, when there are lots of weddings, traditionally.

    2. Thanks so much, Amy! I appreciate your help :)

  2. I just love all your creations, Amy! You never fail to disappoint!! These Dresden's are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for always being such an inspiration!!

  3. The quilt is beautiful Amy and also, as always, your photography is a complete delight! The photos are amazing!

  4. The quilting, the photography, the colors! What a lot of eye candy! I really like your winter Dresden quilt.

  5. Such beautiful eye candy and Dresden plates! It looks like when you are organized and working with such cute fabrics, you can have a wonderful sewing time , chain piecing away!! Beautiful pictures!!


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