December 19, 2016

Sweetwater Mug Rugs

Hello, Friends!

I'm almost ready for about you?
Earlier this week, the scene was set with some
beautiful snow.

I love to sit near the window with a cup of cocoa
and a little treat.
Hershey's Kisses are my favorite chocolate snack!

Not long ago...
that I couldn't resist.
I ordered one almost before I finished reading the post!
The box of Christmas goodness arrived quickly, 
and I was not disappointed!

I kind of hoard collect Sweetwater fabrics,
and I took great joy in creating a few mug rugs
to give as presents this year.

I mostly used the fabrics that came in my box,
but I had some of this fabulous Feed Company plaid
that was just right for the bindings.

and I love the way it looks with each of these
black and red mug rugs.

Other mugs look pretty, too, though...
here's a classic pedestal mug, called Heritage,
 that I've had for many years, made by Pfaltzgraff.

I've got a sweet little Dept. 56 Scotties mug
that looks inviting, too.
This is how it looks with one of my favorite

Here's the same mug,
featured with the Sweetwater snowflake.

The designs by Sweetwater are so cute...
this snowman will bring cheer all winter long.

The snowflake design is so pretty and simple.
It sets off fabrics exquisitely.

I love the black and red theme,
but I also made up a couple of mug rugs
in aqua and red.

I hope this mug rug brings JOY to its recipient.

A little star will shine in the snow
all winter long.

I love the dash of aqua in that plaid binding.

These mug rugs will be given as gifts
to some special folks.

Stop by again soon,
for some more winter mug rugs,
made for more special people!

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  1. These are wonderful. I like the "Joy" and the "Scottie" best, but they are all beautiful . . . and so practical.

    1. Thanks, Connie - I love mug rugs so much! You can never have too many.

  2. Geta i bought a black and white mug as a present, intending to make a mug rug but then i had a bad fall , i am going to get my son to cut one out and try stitching one handed, i will just use satin stitch as the edging though. snapped my collarbone so the hand moves but i cant lift the arm.

    1. Oh, no!!! I hope you'll have a speedy recovery! I broke a hand in my bone this summer and it was torture waiting for it to heal.

  3. Lovely, Amy; I admire your patience to bind these little pieces!

    1. Thank you, Geta - I only handstitched the binding on one of them...the rest were done using my free machine binding tutorial. Very easy and fun to do!

  4. Oh my - I am in love with each and every one. 😍

  5. Wow Amy - every one of these little mug rugs is a gem. They perfectly show off the fabric collection, plus the way you've set the scenes is just beautiful!

  6. Your collection of mug rugs is beautiful, I love them all! A perfect gift, and such adorable fabrics! Merry Christmas Amy!
    Helen xox


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