January 2, 2017

Snowman Coasters

Hello, Friends!
Happy New Year!

Today I'm sharing some snowman coasters
that I made for a dear friend.

It's so cute in grays and whites, with colorful scarves.
As soon as I shared the pattern photo on Facebook,
my friend asked me if I wanted to make some for her.

{It's hard to say which one of us was most excited!} 

Photo from Annie's e-Patterns Central
Snowman Family Mug Rug Set
I chose some of my Cherry Christmas prints,
by Aneela Hoey for Moda...
and I made each one a wee bit different,
but coordinated.

This was such a clever pattern!
True...the little scarves were very tiny
and a bit fiddly to turn right-sides-out.
But they're simply adorable, right?

I found some snowflake buttons at my local Walmart.
They're nice and flat, with just the right amount
of silvery sparkle.

 These little snowmen will warm hearts
all winter long.

Living in Pennsylvania,
we have already seen some snow this winter.
I'll have to make some more snowman
projects to warm my own home!

Have you found a favorite winter pattern?

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  1. So adorable or should that be snow adorable?

  2. I bet your friend was so happy to receive this gift, they are very sweet. I love the little tie you've added, it gives it a cute touch.

  3. Those are cute coasters! Lots of possibilities with fabrics and embellishments.

  4. I bet I could make the scarf bit with fleece!!!! no fiddley turning!

  5. These are so cute! You always do such nice work!

  6. Super fun and cute!! I love those carrot noses!
    These are delightful for the winter!!


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