June 24, 2017

Deerly Loved Baby Quilt

There's a beautiful deer on my back deck.
Look at her!

I love this fawn's innocent face, especially those long eyelashes.

The soft colors are just right for a modern baby quilt.
The fabric is from Hawthorne Threads.
Check out the other side...I don't like to call it "the back".

I made this quilt for a sweet new baby
whose mommy just loves deer and other woodland animals.

When I made this pillow as a shower present,
the mommy-to-be asked me if I could make a matching quilt.

Baby quilts are so much fun to make!
I started with the crib sized Fawn panel in Aspen blue,
for one side of the quilt.

For the other side, I selected some
in shades of honey and a light blue called Aspen.
I randomly pieced together squares of fabric,
to make a large patchwork.

The soft colors made it easy to keep
a sense of balance in the overall design.

I love each and every fabric in this quilt...
the gray and gold cross print is very modern 
and adds graphic interest.

The deer silhouettes in gray and pale blue
carry the fawn theme into the quilt back.
They're so soft and subtle...very sweet.

The triangle prints add a modern note,
while the gingham and floral squares are more
sentimental and traditional.

I think all of these prints look very pretty together,
and I'm in love with this color palette.
I fussy cut a few squares to feature the little fawn,
and they are my true favorites.

Once the patchwork squares were pieced,
I used a grid of crosshatch quilting,
on the diagonal.
Simple quilting allows the overall
design of the prints to keep the starring role.

Is there anything more scrumptious than a
rolled up handmade quilt?

The soft middle looks just as pretty. 
It's so squishy!!!

I can't decide which end I love most,
but I really love the honey golden binding.

This gift is for a very special baby in our extended family,
who has been deerly loved right from the beginning!
Welcome to the world, Talia Rose!

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  1. It is a wonderful color and print choice for a baby quilt! Lovely work!

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way that both sides are equally pretty.

  3. You matched the fabrics so well, and I love the deer!!!
    A little baby will be very happy to be wrapped in it.

  4. I admire everything about this quilt and pillowcase. GREAT WORK!!


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