June 27, 2017

Silk Plants Direct - Discount Code For YOU!

Hello, Friends!
Today I'm spreading the word about an awesome
source for silk flowers and greens.
Have you visited Silk Plants Direct online?
Look what I found for my own home!

These Boxwood Topiary Balls are beautifully presented
in flower pots, as a set of three.

The wire container stole my heart.
The dainty chicken wire design has a farmhouse feel...
just what I'm looking for.

Check out the detail of the handle!

The artificial boxwood promises long-lasting easy care...
something I appreciate in my busy world.

The little pots can also be removed to stand alone.

I really love grouping them in the wire baskets, though.

We're planning a graduation party next year.
I think the individual pots would look so nice
as a centerpiece for each table.

If you're interested in ordering some beautiful
silk flower accents for your own home,
use this discount code at checkout:


Good for a 10% discount on any products except Custom orders.

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1 comment:

  1. Very cute! They look so cute in the wire basket, too!
    I'm heading over to look at the site.


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