March 24, 2012

Easter Grass Wreath Project

I was inspired by this blog posting, from Capture the Details, 
to make a spring wreath.

I picked up the supplies I needed (at JoAnn and Walmart) and got to work.  

I used EXACTLY one skein of Fun Fur in lime green.  
My wreath form was white, not green, so I was careful to wrap the yarn tightly.  No white showed through.

I found some little lace flowers, but mine had yellow centers, not pink. 
That's pins were yellow, too.
I put my flowers into little tufts of three.

I chose a pretty pale blue ribbon 
and learned how to tie it from Martha Stewart's website.

I love it! 
I put it on Craftsy for their Spring Fling contest.
"Heart" it if you love it, too!

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