March 15, 2012

More elephants...

What is it lately with me and ELEPHANTS?
In my last post I shared my pincushion
from Heather Bailey's pattern,

And now, today's post is all about more baby elephants!

My husband's goddaughter recently welcomed a third baby boy into her family.
I made her this diaper bag...

And a matching baby elephant softie for the little sweetheart to cuddle.

Then I thought it would be fun to make a couple more,
for the two big brothers!

You have to admit there's something really sweet about baby elephants.

They're as much fun as a 3-ring circus.

This time the pattern is from Retromama on Etsy, called Tilly and Tommy.
  I just LOVE the little knotted tails and floppy ears!!!

Suddenly a lot of my work friends are becoming grandmas, 
so I needed lots of new baby gifts. 

Perfect!  And so much fun to make. 
They're my new "signature" baby present!

Watch for an extra or two in my shop on Etsy...OR...I could always make a custom baby elephant just for you...I'm just sayin'...

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  1. Hi Amy, congrats on your new blog! Your elephants are lovely and I'm so glad you're enjoying the pattern. Keep up the fantastic work!

    Happy stitching,


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