April 21, 2012

Chestnut Hill Diaper Bag

Once upon a time,
back in Spring 2007, to be precise,
Joel Dewberry released a beautiful line of fabric, 

I bought some prints from this line quite a while ago, including
Black-Eyed Susan...

Modern Petal...

and Buttercup
{Actually my print was in a different colorway.}

I needed a diaper bag as a present for a lovely new mom!
The baby is a boy, so I decided these fabrics would
make a nice tote.

I've used this pattern for several diaper bags...

Mine looks sooooo different from the one on the pattern cover!
{It's the one I used, though - believe me.}

I love all the pockets on the outside...
front, back, and one on each side!

AND all the pockets on the inside!
{Here's a peek!}

 I used a strip of divided pockets for one side.
They are so handy for pens, sunglasses and what-not.

{I always have a lot of what-not.  Do you?}

And on the OTHER side,
I varied from the pattern and added
a zippered pocket!

{You can put stuff in here like money or credit cards.}

The bag has lots of detailing and a sturdy strap.
Fusible fleece makes the tote soft and shapely, too.

The bag holds its shape so nicely, even without anything inside it.
Here's a view of the cute little tab with a D-ring.

{You could hang keys or a baby toy on there!}

I sure hope the new mommy will enjoy her diaper bag!

I've got pictures of more bags from this pattern. 
Leave me some comments 
if you'd like to see them in another post sometime!
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  1. This is really beautiful and unique for a diaper bag!

  2. What a lovely diaper bag! I would carry that as a regular bag! What a fantastic job you did. And I love Joel Dewberry's fabric. :o)
    Simply Miss Luella

  3. She will love it! I love Penny's patterns and have made this too. I love the zipper you put inside, I should have done that.hah.a.a..Next one :)
    Your fabrics are all great for a boys!!

  4. I'll echo Deborah... it could easily be a regular bag. What a lucky friend who's on the receiving end of this beauty!


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