April 23, 2012

Zakka Style Sewing Kit

We are now in Week #4 the Zakka Style Sew Along!
Time flies when you're having fun!

{Join us...details are at LRStitched!}

This week's project is a sewing kit contributed by Theresia Cookson
of minoridesign.blogspot.com.

{This week's blog post is by Katy from Monkey Do.  Visit her for more inspiration!}

Allow me to introduce my prim and proper version...
ivory linen with dainty polka dots of navy on a pistachio background,
and a little scissors applique.

{Deceptively innocent, no?}

But when you open it up...hello!!!
A field of funky flowers greets you, 
inviting you to start your next sewing project.

{Who needs coffee?}

I love that this project is so functional and pretty...

I used fabric ties to hold it all together, 
instead of the leather strips suggested in the book.  
I like the pop of color they add.

And I love that I could make it have its own unique personality.

{or two!}

It looks so cute, all filled up with notions and what-not!

That divided pocket stole my heart!

So are you convinced yet that you need this book?

{Visit eamylove on Etsy if you would like to purchase my version
of this sewing kit and pincushion!}

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  1. I like the scissors on the outside of the sewing kit, too! So cute!

  2. Yes i definitely need one of these now. Its surprising how many years i have been sewing and travel nd have not yet made myself a kit!! And i DO take sewing away with me...Had to pop on over here to leave further comment...love your little set. I have bought the book but only yet had the chance to make the pinny..have fun with it all

  3. Great job! I love the scissors! Too sweet. This project was a lot of fun!

  4. Gorgeous! Love those flowers inside

  5. Very cute, Amy! These were so fun to make. I still have not made the tote bag, but am waiting on some great fabric for it.

  6. This is too, too cute/lovely! Love the way you did the scissors!


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