May 5, 2012

Mail...incoming and outgoing...and a DISCOUNT CODE!

Ever since I was a little girl,
I've loved getting something in the mail!

{Don't you?}

Yesterday I received a really fun package.
I was the winner of a giveaway from
and the prized was a SIGNED copy of

{Thank you so much, Deb!}

I've only had a chance to page through it twice so far.
I have a confession:  I enjoy READING cookbooks,
sewing patterns and quilting books, 
almost as much as I love USING them!

This book promises to become a favorite of mine.
Not only did I see some must-do projects in there...

But also there is so much good information, 
particularly the chapter on color and design.
I hope to learn a lot from this book!

{And then I'll do a post with a book review.}

Included with the book was a packet of modern charm squares
I wish I lived near looks like a great shop!

{But they have an online catalog for "visitors" like me!}

And now for some really big news!
I've gone global...
I am now offering international shipping from 

I've met a delightful customer from Australia, 
who wanted to buy my elephant pincushion, blogged here.
She kindly contacted me to see if I might check into sending it overseas.
Soon I found out that it's very easy to set up international sales with Etsy.

The package is now on its way, with some Darla key fobs 
to keep Miss Elephant company.

{There was just enough room left in the box for a few small surprises, too!  Shhhh...} 

Now I'd like to celebrate
International Shipping from eamylove on Etsy
with a special DISCOUNT CODE COUPON!

From now through May 31,
at checkout to receive
15% off of any order, before shipping!

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  1. Congrats on your win! Your elephant is too adorable!


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