May 14, 2012

My Sewing Space

Do you have a sewing studio,
or a room in your home that is
dedicated to your creative impulses?

{You are so lucky!!!}

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Or are you like me?

{I sew in my dining room.  Have for years.}

You know what?  I think I've ALWAYS sewn in the dining room.
I started sewing while I was in junior high school, 
and I guess I even used my mom's dining room back then.

I've never had a "sewing room"
{or a fireplace, or a kitchen island}
even though my wish list would never be complete 
without those items!

MY WISH LIST looks like this:

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But I've done okay all this time, setting up my stuff
over and over again for sewing,
and taking it down again for company...
or holidays.

I'm the kind of person who might not clean it all up, 
from time to time, if I didn't have to!
And I can prove it, because you ought to see the place(s)
where I store all my stuff when I'm NOT sewing in the dining room!

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All these years while I've been sewing in the dining room,
I've been able to cook, because I'm next to the kitchen...
And I can talk to my boys while they do homework or relax...
And I can listen to the news with my husband...
Or get up in the middle of sewing to take our dog outside!

Even though I've begged for this for a really long time,
I realized not too long ago that I really don't want
to have a sewing room in our basement.
The dining room is kind of "working" for us.

{This kinda looks a bit boring, day after day after day...}

The other day, I had a good idea, and I thought I'd show it to you:

For years now, I've collected these boxes, without ever really knowing why I had to have them.  They were stored in a closet until now.

I brought them out to a place of honor in...the dining room.

Now they hold items I need for my projects...
hardware for bags and purses...

ribbons and trims...
charm squares and scraps...
needles and pins, etc.

I can't remember which one is which,
so I had to label them inconspicuously. 

I love the way they make my dining room look 
just like a sewing studio...
in my eyes.

That being said, if we would ever add on a room to our house,
right next to the kitchen and all the other activity,
I'm gonna sew in it all the time!

{I'd let everyone else use it once in a while,
but they'd have to clean it up,
so I could have "my sewing room" back!}

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  1. I do not have a 'studio' either, Amy. I took over a corner of the living room. I love being in the center of the house, for the reasons you mentioned (cooking, kids, etc). It's a great reminder we don't need the perfect space to be creative! Oh and I have the same dishes as you :)

  2. I'm on the dining table too with everything hidden in a wicker picnic basket and storage tubs when not in use. It works sort of well although my 2yo loves sitting on my lap while I sew which makes it interesting at times!

  3. Hello, I'm over from the Moda Bake Shop. I, too, sew in the dinning room, but not on the table anymore. I now have a dresser turned sewing cabinet along one wall (My link is #44, if you're interested). We have 7 children and I home school the eldest 4. While at times I think it would be nice to have my own room, I think I would sew less if I actually had one.... Your boxes look so nice there on you hutch! What a wonderful way to use them and show them off!!

    Jennifer D from The Days Dewings @

  4. Don't worry, I sew in the dining room too. Only difference is, I turfed out the dining table and moved all my sewing stuff in! I loved your story so much, I have added my name to follow you.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. Hi. I'm from the Moda Bake Shop, too. And let me tell you. A dedicated sewing room is not that great. In our last house, I insisted we build a house with a sewing room. It was upstairs, tucked way in a corner. I quickly moved in all my stuff, then.... never used it. Ever. I felt isolated and alone. Not a creative feeling at all. Now, I have a home office (I work out of my home) and I sew here too. But, it is NOT a sewing room. And the best part, it is right next to the kitchen where all the action happens. yeah me!!!

  6. Love your post - you totally had me fooled when I first saw the picture and thought it was your sewing space! The kitchen table served me well for years. The variety of boxes are really decorative

  7. I think what works for you is what is best. I love your boxes!

    For years and years I sewed at the table. Then I set up a space in the master bedroom. I found I didn't sew much isolated like that. I do have a sewing room now that the kids are grown (smallest room in the house!) but...It opens up into the loft that overlooks the great room. I have no problem being in there while my husband watches TV and carrying on a conversation with him.

    I frequently carry stuff to the LR to layout and make decision and I still cut garments out on my kitchen island because it is the right height and size.

    (don't hate me but I have fireplace, too. Nothing is white, though. we live in a log house.)

  8. Loved the dreamy photos... I have a great wall space in our house, (then I added a table, then a cart, then a shelf, I have been warned to stop) It has great natural lighting but everyone makes themselves comfortable to borrow my stuff (where is my tape, NOT THE FABRIC SCISSORS!!!) or put there things in "my space." It's great for storage but nothing beats a dining room table to lay out and cut fabric.


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