May 1, 2012

Zakka Style Patchwork Pencil Case

It's Zakka Day again!

{Join us for the Zakka Style Sew Along...
Details are found at LRStitched.}

This week's project was really fun to make, 
and I LOVE how mine turned out!

The Patchwork Pencil Case was contributed by Shannon Dreval, 
who is an American-born designer who now lives near Paris, France.

Her blog, Petits Details, captures her experiences 
for those of us who may never know what it is to visit Paris.
Her images of France are inviting, 
and her photos of vintage fabrics
 and flea-market finds are equally irresistible.

{Photo from Petits Details blog}

Here is my experience with the Patchwork Pencil Case:

It took a lot of self-discipline to choose my fabrics...this project looks so beautiful in all the variations I've seen.  

{That makes it hard to stick to one idea!}

I settled on my Patisserie scraps, from Fig Tree Quilts for Moda.
I have just a few bits from a fat quarter bundle...
they are among my most precious possessions!

{I used the butterscotch and berry tones.}

For the lining, I found a long enough piece of this caramel print.


For the outer fabric, I used 100% European linen in Wheat.

{I love the texture!}

I added my "eamylove" label in a discreet spot...

One thing I loved about this project was 
that I finished it in about an hour, including cutting out the pieces.
So simple, right?

{Well...yes, but...}

 I read about the experiences of some others 
and found that "regular" pencils did not fit 
in the finished case,
if the measurements from the book were followed.

That's why I added about an inch to the length of mine.

{Regular pencils DO fit in mine...
but I like the "relaxed fit" that I got 
with mechanical pencils and markers!}

As others have noticed already,
this "pencil case" would also be a beautiful way to keep
crochet hooks or reading glasses handy!

{Want mine?  Visit my shop, eamylove, on Etsy!}

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  1. Your case is lovely, such beautiful colors! I love your label too!

  2. I LOVE Patisserie with the wheat linen... I have to make something with that combination now! And it would be ideal for crochet hooks!!

  3. I love this - it is so well made and the fabrics go together wonderfully. Nice job.

  4. I love the look of the wheat linen. I have never sewn with linen before...I may have to give it a try. So beautiful!

  5. I love your colors! And...what a pretty glass dish you have displayed it on. Figuring out how to display the projects is part of the fun. :) Where did you get your labels? or did you make them yourself?

  6. This looks so lovely... Very pretty!


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