September 13, 2012

Mosaic contest - Softly Against Black

Have you heard?
There's a contest going on, over at Stitched In Color!

{You have until midnight on September 20th to submit your entry.}

The sponsor is Fresh Modern Fabric,
and this contest is pure FUN to enter!

You use the Flickr tool called
to select a bundle of fabrics that express
your interpretation of the theme...
Softly Against Black.

I had a nice cup of tea, while I browsed through all

{I know, I know...I exaggerate sometimes about numbers.  But she really DOES have that many items in her awesome shop!}

As I looked at all the wonderful prints and colors,
I thought about Softly Against Black,
and my choices came together...

I've had my eye on this Summerville line by Lu Summers for Moda,
and I love this BUSY town print, with the cars and buses on the go!

I'm a big fan of geometrics, for the rhythm they provide.
I picked out this Circa 1934 print by Cosmo Cricket for Moda.

Gotta have lots of dots!
These are in aqua from Mod Basics for Birch Fabrics.

{Just for fun, they are "reverse" dots.}

Then I thought more about the theme...
this print from Hello Pilgrim by Lizzie House for Andover
really made me stop and stare!

That's when I pulled together the rest of my picks:

While we are living each day in the busy rhythms
of coming and going,
plotting and planning,
it's always good to take a moment to watch a butterfly
dancing in a pretty flower patch.

Upload your linky to the Stitched In Color post,
and join in the fun!

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  1. Very cute! I think that orange Hello Pilgrim really makes the mosaic :)

  2. Your bundle is really gorgeous!



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