September 21, 2012

Tea and Cakes Mug Rug

Hello, again, friends.
It's been six months now since I began blogging,
and I've really enjoyed meeting new bloggers
and readers from around the world!

I wish I could invite each of you to come over 
for a nice cup of tea.

{Blogging is nice, though, because you can make your own cup of tea...
or coffee...or whatever you enjoy, and sit down at your computer for a visit any time!}

One of my new-found friends is Amanda, The Patchsmith.
Amanda has been busy churning out mug rugs 
ever since we arranged our little swap.

{You can read about it here and here.}

And now, Amanda is busy designing patterns,
so you, too, can make sweet little mug rugs!

{Here's my version of the Scotties Mug Rug.}

One of her latest patterns is called Tea and Cakes.
I just had to make this one, being a big fan of tea.

 I chose some more of my Fig Tree Quilts fabrics...
little scraps from Dandelion Girl, left over from my Bird Song quilt.

Also, I had some bits from another Fig Tree line called Urban Indigo.

{See the print on the binding and the main body of the cup?}

I used fusible webbing for the appliques and fusible fleece for the batting.
and in no time I was done with this little sweetie!

I loved this color scheme so much that I made a matching pincushion.

{I'm making a bunch of these pincushions, so they will be
featured soon in their very own post.}

Come back soon, to share another teatime adventure!

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  1. Sew perfectly cute!!! The fabric is just right for Tea and Cakes!

  2. Oh my you have been busy. Everything is going to be so co-ordinated in your home - what with the Zakka boxes, the pin-cushions, quilt, mug rug - have you enough scraps left to make yourself a apron so that you fit in?
    Love your quilting on the mug rug.

  3. Absolutely delightful fabric for the tea and cake and pincushion! They are so adorable!



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