September 25, 2012

Afternoon Tea

Recently my sweet friend Heidi was entertaining
some family members from out of town.

{Waaaaaaaaay out of town.  They were from Canada and Australia!}

The guys planned a golf outing,
so Heidi thought it might be fun to do 
something  special for the ladies.
She extended invitations to my mother and me, 
plus another good friend, to meet her visitors for tea.

Our party of six met at the Victorian Lady of Academy Hill
in Greensburg, PA on a Sunday afternoon.

{Photo from Victorian Lady of Academy Hill gallery}
{The tearoom is located within a historic 1880's Queen Ann house.}

{Photo from Victorian Lady of Academy Hill gallery}
Besides the tearoom, there is an impressive gift shop,
spilling into the various
rooms of the Victorian house.

All sorts of tea-themed items are available for purchase.
Soft music sets a gentle mood for browsing and chatting.

There are also many Victorian accessories among the teacups...
jewelry, stationery, and home decorating items.

Even the bathroom was stocked with pretty treasures!

Oh, if I had a little girl...I would have to choose one of these
miniature tea sets, in a picnic basket!

We requested seating in the sunroom,
and it was the most pleasant of surroundings.

{I had to restrain myself...I had the urge to speak with a British accent!}

We were presented with a full menu of tea types,
and we could each select two different flavors.
There were classics, like Earl Grey, available in several blends.
There were also fruity flavors, like peach and raspberry.
Seasonal selections were offered, too. 
 I had Snickerdoodle,
and Heidi tried the Pumpkin Spice blend!
The most popular flavor is French Creme delicious!

We enjoyed a full afternoon tea, which started with a poached pear.

{Warm and luscious!}

Next a three-tiered plate arrived.  
There were frosted grapes and scones on the bottom tier.

{Just look at these pretty dishes of lemon curd and Devonshire cream!}

Next were tiny sandwiches with savory fillings.
On the top layer were tempting cookies and brownies.

{Photo from Victorian Lady of Academy Hill gallery}

My mother needs to follow a very strict gluten-free diet.
I had contacted the wonderful proprietor ahead of time,
and she advised us on what to bring 
to make sure my mom could enjoy her teatime. 
 My mom's eyes lit up with delight when her special plate was served.

I was so glad to meet the visiting women,
and I hope we can get together again someday!

We had a leisurely afternoon, 
sipping and talking, and getting to know one another.

Well...I did have to leave a bit early,
to go directly to work, but I had a great attitude when I got there!

{Two pots of tea...three cups per the math...I was feeling great!}

I would highly recommend gathering a few friends
and family members for a special afternoon tea.
I've never been to a spa...yet...
but I would bet a tea party is every bit as relaxing, get to keep all of your clothes on!

{Thank you, Heidi, for a truly wonderful day!}

{Photo from Victorian Lady of Academy Hill gallery}

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  1. Lovely post! I'm forwarding this to my sister. We love to have tea!

  2. What a lovely idea. It looks like great fun!

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  4. It looks lovely. Very similar to the Afternoon Tea served at The Ritz hotel in London. Dainty sandwiches, a range of cakes and lots and lots of tea. We call them biscuits here(instead of cookies)and would have scones in place of brownies but it looks equally delicious. How lovely that they catered for your mother's gluten-free needs - that is quite a rare thing over here. Did you spend much on all those lovely little trinkets?

    1. How fun to know what would be different about tea at The Ritz!!! Unfortunately, I had to stop shopping and get along to work, but the gift shop is calling me back.

  5. Delightful and elegant! Such a nice way to spend an afternoon!


  6. This looks like so much fun!! I've been missing quite a bit on your blog. Everything looks absolutely wonderful, Amy!!


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