August 6, 2013

Days at the Beach

We just got back from our vacation in Ocean City, MD.
Not only did we bring home lots of Dolle's Salt Water Taffy,
but I also managed to bring back some quilty sweets!

Packing for vacation was a bit nerve-wracking,
especially when I realized that there would be
no room in the schedule...or the motel room...
for a sewing machine.

What's a girl to do about that?
A little advanced planning did wonders.

My sister Susie gifted me with a charm pack of Lario
by 3 Sisters for Moda.
I decided to use it to make a whole bunch of yoyos.

I used a small saucer to make my circle template,
measuring about  4" in diameter.
I traced the template circles
onto the wrong sides of the charm squares,
cutting out 4 or 5 at a time.

{The finished yoyos are 2" across.}

I packed my sweet little Cath Kidston-ish sewing kit 
that I found at a local thrift shop a few months ago!

Yep...I paid 99 cents for this little gem!
Here's what's inside...

 I added more thread, needles and scissors,
and my little yoyo kit was all set for the beach.

The background is an old vintage quilt
that we always use as a beach blanket.

I stuck my toes in the sand
and stitched to the music of the ocean waves and seagulls...

Stay tuned for the finished project.

Even I have no idea yet how it will look...
but I love it already.

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  1. Love those colours! Will look forward to seeing what you make from them...

  2. Cute. I need to plan my thing too as we are leaving on Saturday. No sewing machine or laptop is going, lol.

  3. Your holiday looks idyllic! And I love the look of your yoyos, lovely colours. I look forward to seeing what you make :)

  4. Your yoyos are so cute and pretty! Did you just finger press them? Come on... you can tell me what you are making out of them!! That sewing kit was a steal!


  5. They are beautiful !!!! Its funny I always have project panic before Ileave for a trip and what I am going to bring and what I can bring!!!

  6. I just bought a bunch of yardage from that collection and really love it. I have no idea what I am going to make with it yet but I know I will find something great to make. I love your yo-yo's, that was a great use of the charm pack. I can't wait to see your finished result, I know it will be awesome like all your creations are.

  7. Love those yo yo's! What a great sister you have! :) And the wonderful!!!! Glad you got to get away and enjoy some relaxation. xo

  8. Sounds like the perfect Summer's day....sitting on a beautiful vintage quilt on the golden sand in front of the wide blue sea; and stitching a yo-yo or two......sounds like bliss to me!!

  9. How much fun was that? The colors are outstanding, and I am looking forward with anticipation!

  10. Beautiful stuff. I can't believe you got the sewing kit for 99 cents!


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