August 21, 2013

Patchwork Please - Happy Hexagon Trivet

Thank goodness I've got Bloglovin'...
otherwise I may not have realized that
this week's Patchwork, Please Zakka 2.0 Sew Along
is all about the Happy Hexagon Trivet!

This sweet project was one of my must-makes,
from the first time I paged through my copy of the book.

I see that it is rated 2-stars on the difficulty scale.

There must only be 2 stars on that scale,
because I found this project to be
a lot more complicated than I expected.
I made the mistake of trying to blend
regular paper piecing and freezer paper template

{Note to self:  Don't ever do that again!  Try just the normal paper piecing.}

That being said,
I'm super excited about the way
my new mug rug turned out.

I'm showing off one of the three Cath Kidston
mugs I purchased a few months ago.

{They are among my most loved possessions.}

Let's get to the "likes" and "dislikes" for the project...
dislikes are always first.

Right off the bat,
I was highly disappointed that the paper
piecing pattern requires enlarging.

In the end, the entire pattern still fit on a single page of paper.
Why couldn't the publishers have printed it at actual size???

I was going to bind my project as described in the book,
but my outer fabrics would have been nearly covered
by the thick binding.
That's most likely because I didn't remember
to cut the outer edges plenty large enough to allow
for a decent seam allowance.

That brings me to the Likes.
with a 1 1/2" single fold binding.
It worked pretty well, even on the angles.

{Like:  new skill acquired.  I had never bound a hexagon before.}

Also, I really like the size of this project.
There's plenty of room for a large mug and a snack.
Alternately, a little tea pot would fit perfectly on this trivet.

I also like the way it looks on the back...
just as cute as the front, really!

Most of all, though, the best Like for this project
is that it is such a beautiful design.
Ayumi's gifts are being shared all over blogland.
Her version is exquisite,
and I love every variation I've seen so far, being made by others.

I love cherries in the kitchen,
and this project was great for using
a variety of cherry prints and polka dots I've been collecting.

Maybe time will help me to forget
all of the labor pains I withstood,
to end up with my lovely mug rug.
A nice cup of tea will also work wonders!
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  1. Your trivet looks amazing - well worth the hassles of the dislikes!!

  2. You are so funny!! You did a great job and the fabric selection is spot on!! As always your work is perfect.

  3. SO cute! I love the dots and cherries combo.

  4. Great fabric combo! Makes me want to do one as well :-)

  5. I think this is one of the prettiest things you've made (I know, I say that about everything but they all become my favourites!). It annoys me too when I need to enlarge a pattern - especially when I have to enlarge by 167% as some of the patterns in the book need. I can't do the math for that and my copier doesn't cope with it either. Still, it all turned out lovely in the end.

  6. Oh how I love the fabrics you picked out for this! I'm glad you didn't let the disheartening things stop you from finishing. The end result is gorgeous! If it needs a new home, I would be glad to send you my address. :) BTW...I LOVE your coffee cup! I think I will check those out!

  7. I observed this at once "my outer fabrics would have been nearly covered by the thick binding". The project is very nice indeed with your personal touch. Enjoy your cup of tee!

  8. When the pattern is a pain use super adorable fabric to motivate you to finish, and you did! Looks great!!

  9. I agree with you on the sizing, I had to download it into Photoshop since my printer didn't let me enlarge something by 143%, go figure ;) I am glad I didn't try freezer paper now too, just sewed everything right to the template. I love your adorable fabric choices!

    1. This is a good tip.... I run into the same situation.

  10. Yours is so pretty and happy! Love your fabrics.
    And will add 1/2 inch seam allowance for the binding at the end!!


  11. Thanks for all the great tips!!! You know i love your likes and dislikes section!!

  12. It looks great, Amy! Thanks for sharing your likes and dislikes. Good to know!

  13. I love everything about it! Your tips and likes/dislikes are really helpful too! Plus you had me at cherries. Lol!

  14. I love everything about it too, it is gorgeous. You're right, the back is as lovely as the front!!

  15. I forgot to add a seam allowance for the binding as well. :) I used a very narrow bias tape to help. Next time ... I WILL not cut along the outer line of the piece! Your mug rug is beautiful!


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