August 16, 2013

Gingham Love

I love gingham.
You probably knew that already if you've
been visiting my blog often.

Here's where my love of gingham all began...

Truthfully it began even before this...
I'm pretty sure I made myself a prom gown
from this same blue gingham in the late 70s.

{Stop know you wore some crazy get-ups in the 70s, too!  
Or at least your mother did.  Or your grandmother.}

my sister has the full story of these gingham pillows
we made a loooooong time ago,
over at Susie's Sunroom.

We were inspired by this pattern published
in the June 1979 Better Homes & Gardens magazine.
Embroidering on gingham is called "chicken-scratch".

{See that pillow on the rocker?}

Photo from Susie Z. on Flickr
In all, Susie and I stitched up three of those pillows,
in blue, purple and green.
Susie came across two of them,
and our mom has the third.

These were a great way for two {young} sisters to spend
one of the last leisurely summers of our young lives.

I've got to admit that this is really out of style,
and the stuffing is all lumpy.

The floss colors are also dated,
but if I recall, there were probably only about
20 shades of embroidery floss available back then!

{Dark blue, light blue, dark yellow, light yellow, dark green, light green...}

A few of the stitches have worked loose,
and the lace is kinda faded,
but it's still a pretty reminder of good times.

This early influence still shows up now and then
in my latest projects...

I especially still love gingham in the kitchen.

I'll bet that's why I chose gingham for the background
in my Winter Dresden quilt, too.

Head on over to Susie's Sunroom today for the full story
of our gingham days!
I think I may be inspired to try a little chicken-scratch
this summer!

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  1. I love the red gingham in your divided bucket and kitchen items - and in your dresden plate quilt! I also learnt to cross stitch on gingham as a young child.

  2. I'm growing fond of gingham, too! I just told your sister that the pillows have a "timeless" quality. I really think so!

  3. I was a member of a youth singing group at our church in the 70's and we all made the same gingham dresses for our "uniform". We each got to choose our own color of gingham and mine was green. We were a rainbow of gingham and thought we were hot stuff! Your pillows are a treasure - thanks for bringing back the memories!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  4. Lovely post Amy, so nice to see your earlier work! Love all your modern gingham makes too!!

  5. I absolutely love all of this!! You bring out the best in gingham! No wonder I simply adore everything you make. The gingham is the absolute perfect touch!

  6. Amy as I posted on Susie's blog .. I love this post and the story of you two together doing this ! I don't really ever use gingham but I do love it and that comfort feeling it gives .. It's the fabric version of comfort food !
    Oh yes I wish I had a picture of me in my favorite candy striped high laced trim collar shirt in the 70's .. I looked like the candy man !

  7. Love, love, gingham too. Dorothy had lots to do with it but in the late 70's I ad a yellow gingham skirt with the same eyelet (?) lace at the bottom. I loved that skirt and remember it fondly... but no boyfriends!! Hmm I wonder why.....

  8. Thank you for this return to the 70's!
    I was in love with gingham too! My dark blue gingham shirt with white flared pants, nice memories!
    I'll go to your sister story, too!

  9. love love all things gingham. i have red and white gingham curtains from CountryCurtains in my kitchen. my theme is red, white, aqua.

  10. I LOVE the winter Dresden quilt! I have been researching a nice pattern for a Christmas quilt... Beautiful job.


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