October 19, 2013

Strawberry Delights - Swap Package Received

Hello, my friends!
You are in for a sweet treat for the eyes today,
as I share some photos of the delightful package
I received in the Strawberry Swap
recently hosted by Erin from Why Not Sew? blog.

My swap partner was Karen of Sew Peachey,
and just look at all the sweetness she sent to me!

{Notice the Strawberry chewing gum....mmmmmm!}

I was thoroughly spoiled!
Thank you sew much, Karen!
 Here's a good view of the larger 
strawberry pincushion...the Mama Berry.

I adore the way Karen added
tiny yellow buttons to the felt blossom on the cap.
It's all about the details, right?

Now check out the Baby Berry,
in all of her freckled glory!

{The sweet little red pins make my teeth hurt.}

Here are both berries lounging on some lovely
squares of Heather Ross Briar Rose fabrics...heavenly.

Have you tried this fun, free tutorial by Michelle Patterns,
Karen made one just for me,
and it's as useful as it is charming.

{It just screams, "Take me with you!"}

Dare I commit to saying this is my favorite detail?
Yep - I really really {heart} the little zipper pull
made from twill tape with ABC's.

Look inside the dumpling...the lining matches Mama Berry!

If you ever have a chance to participate 
in a swap, you should do it.  
Handmade surprises are sew special!

Just because I'm proving it's my favorite detail,
I'll close with one more look at that little zipper pull.

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  1. I think I can hear you squealing way over here! I would be too! You definitely got the jackpot with your darling pieces. So sweet and creative. Yes, I love the zipper pull too!

  2. Swaps are so much fun - everybody has a different take. I can honestly say that all the strawberry pin cushions have been gorgeous and these two are no exception. Squeal away. xxx

  3. Such beautiful swap gifts... the handmade goodies and the sweet fabrics ! They will make you smile every time you use them!!

  4. What a fun swap! I am going to have to try one of these pin cushions. I've been seeing them everywhere and they look so fun! I'm so happy you received such yummy goodness!!

  5. Lucky you!! hand made gifts are always the best.

  6. A-dorable! What a treat not only a swap but such goodies to boot! really sweet!

  7. Oh, you are so sweet Amy!! I really enjoyed making it for you & it thrills me to hear you love it so! Enjoy!! xx


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