October 6, 2013

Strawberry Pincushion Swap - Sent

Have you ever taken part in a sewing swap?
Erin of "Why Not Sew?" blog had the great idea
to host a Strawberry Pincushion Swap,
and I joined in the fun!

Photo from Why Not Sew? blog
I loved the subject matter...
little berry bits of squeezy strawberries,
of any size or design.
This classic pincushion design always looks cute,
no matter what fabrics are used.

Susie made hers from Fig Tree fabrics,

Photo by Susie's Sunroom

There are lots of patterns out there,
and some of them are even free!

{Pictured here are the strawberries that started it all for Erin.}

Photo from Why Not Sew? blog
Flickr is a great way to have a stitching swap.
Erin made the partner assignments
and sent us the addresses for our partners.
We could check out their photostreams
to get to know one another a bit better.

Soon some sneak peeks began to appear,
and the excitement started to build.
It was so much fun to wonder
who was our partner,
and which package would appear in our mailboxes!

{Here's just one example of the creative swap sets, from Sew Berry Sweet.}

Photo by Sew Berry Sweet
It just so happens that I have had
this adorable Crabapple Hill pattern
I've used it a few times to make lovely floral pincushions,
and I thought it would be fun to make one
for my swap partner.

Photo from Crabapple Hill Studio
For the swap, I decided to use bright red prints
to make the large and small berries.

I had some pretty green felt for the tops,
and found some coordinating floss,
ricrac, and ribbon for the details.

Next I made the little wool felt needlebook.
for this project, I had a piece of
red wool felt that was not of the same high quality
as the white and green felts.

{Boy, did I notice that, as I blanket-stitched
my way around the needle book!}

Fortunately, I think the finished product looks just fine.

A high quality felt really helps to make the stitching
enjoyable, though, and it's essential for the detailed tiny pieces.

{I bought most of my good stuff from Retromama on Etsy,
and she carries many fabulous color choices.}

Once the stitching was done,
I put together some other little goodies.
There were some fun strawberry candies and cookies.

I even had a charm pack of berry-themed fabrics!

Everything just fit into my little mailing box,
and in no time, my swap gift was shipped to

Through this swap,
I've met lots more bloggy friends,
who are berry berry sweet.
I would highly recommend joining up in a swap,
if you find time in your stitching schedule.

After all,
started my dear friendship with The Patchsmith.
Look how far we've come together, since then!

{Hard to believe that The Patchsmith had never even heard of mug rugs, 
before the Zakka Style Sew Along!}

Who knows what magic will appear in your mailbox,
when you join a swap?
Any day now, I'll find out who made something berry special,
just for ME!  

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  1. You put together very sweet package. I'm sure anyone will be sew happy.

  2. Your swap gift is amazing! I'm sure the recipient will have a big smile on her face when she opens her box.

  3. Your berries are sew delicious and sweet... sophisticated and classic !
    Thanks for the link to CrabApple Hill Studio!

  4. Scrumptious strawberries. And what a lovely little package to send. I remember the package I received from you on my very first mug rug swap. It was such a delight.

  5. Beautiful strawberry package and beautiful pincushions. I have about 12 pincushions (and yes I do use them) but not a strawberry one yet - I am now going to make myself one!

  6. Oh Amy....that is so berry sweet! The little bundle should be received with great joy and excitement.

  7. What a fun bundle! Your strawberries and needlebook are adorable. The needlebook is so pretty and sweet! I love the stitching and how you arranged the little flowers. She is going to love it all!

  8. You make the sweetest treasures, Amy! Your partner is so lucky. Oh and those strawberry "pocky" snack is our family favorite!!


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