October 29, 2013

Autumn Ticker Tape Mug Rug

Here in Pennsylvania,
the autumn leaves are quickly falling
from the trees,
like a ticker tape parade!

Maybe that's what inspired me to create
a new mug rug, from The Patchsmith's

I'm working on a request to create
two reversible mug rugs,
to celebrate the four seasons.

How nice that this pattern's size could be easily adapted
to match the size of a Winter design on the other side.
All I did was increase the spacing between blocks.

The prints I selected were mostly from 
the Maple Skies collection, from Connecting Threads.
I just love the focal print, with various tree types.

The binding was attached using my own
The background fabric and the red squares and binding
are from Winter's Lane by Kate and Birdie Paper Co for Moda...
to match the flip-side.

{Hint, hint...I'll show the Winter side in my next post!}

Doesn't this mug rug just beg to be used
to enjoy a mug of hot cider
and a slice of pumpkin pie?

Come back soon to see the other side!

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  1. Love those fabrics you used. Plus Amanda's design. Great combination!

  2. Can't lose , with you and Amanda joining together!
    But .... it's NOT FAIR that we have to WAIT to see the other side!!
    The Maple Skies fabric is just perfect for this! Love those colors and design.
    This is so very pretty!


  3. I want to copy this! Isn't that supposed to be flattering???? Hee hee!

  4. Oh I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see the otherside :) Your fabrics are just gorgeous!!

  5. It's lovely, your work always looks perfectly finished!

  6. I love the detailed selection of fabrics, the colors, it's autumn, it's perfect. I don't want to see winter yet, but I'm curious! So, I'll be around...

  7. I totally adore this! And I'm with Susie...it's not fair we have to wait to see the other side! :) As always....beautiful and inspiring work, Amy!! xo

  8. I'm feeling like a pumpkin spice latte would go with that mug rug really nicely! How pretty and I can't wait to see the backside. Shame on you for keeping us in suspense!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  9. How clever is that? Two mini quilts in one. But what a tease you are!!


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