February 28, 2014

Skinny Pinnie - Received!

We are closing out our 
By now, everyone should be mailing
and receiving their finished pinnies.

As the "swap mama" I had the luxury
of choosing my partner,
and I selected the lovely and talented
Beverly, of golfingbev on Flickr.

Look what came in the mail for me,
courtesy of Beverly!

There is so much goodness in here,
starring the most adorable...
and petite...skinny pinnie,
composed of teeny tiny hexagons!

See that needle book in the background?
It's made to match the pinnie,
that I must try someday soon.


{Photo by golfingbev on Flickr}
There are little treasures I'd never seen before,
such as Japanese zippers...
with French sayings...

Or little cherry zip pulls!

There are Japanese sewing and crafting goodies galore
in this little stack of sweetness.
I love each one to bits!

{Everything was all bundled up with bits of Washi tape!}

There was something old...vintage feedsacks!

And something new...this handy Seam-Fix
seam ripper with a little thing on top
for picking up the snips of thread.

{Of course I may never need to try that tool, since I'm such a perfect stitcher. Ahem...}

There are more fabric samples, too...
little teapot prints I had admired on Bev's Flickr site...

and even a Glamping mini charm pack!

{Can you find it, among all of the treasures?}

And look at this darling little tag!

I first noticed Beverly's sewing talents
during the Zakka Along 2.0 Patchwork, Please sew along.
Beverly has a distinctive style,
mixing bits of fabric to create detailed treasures
that leave me breathless.

Check out her photostream, and you will see what I mean!

Beverly's Patchwork Please Apron - Polka Dot Cafe
Thank you, Beverly, for spoiling me rotten!

{I will be able to trace my new Japanese sewing fixation to this magic moment.}

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  1. What an amazing assortment of goodies you received!! Lovely inspiration for sure :)

  2. Amy, that is so nice...I love hexies. Mine is all boxed up to mail in the morning. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  3. Amy...blush...thank you for all the praises!! I feel so honored that you put my work on your blog! I am still in amazement and probably won't sleep tonight! I have had a wonderful year of learning about Zakka style sewing and quilting....starting with Ayumi. I hope that I can keep meeting more wonderful sewers on line. It has been a pleasure. Thank you for organizing the swap because it is things like this that help beginners like me get involved and learn to love sewing!

  4. Wonderful swap partner you had! Except the seam ripper, unnecessary but nice :), all other things are charming and I think you'll spend some time to admire all and make plans!!!

  5. What a wonderful treasure trove. I bet it took you ages before you even got to photograph it as you were examining each and every item. Every single one of those items, including the seam ripper for me sadly as well, is totally covetable. This lovely haul just proves bloggers are the best.

  6. Wow, what a great collections of sewing bits! I love those zippers; I bought one a while ago and still can't bring myself to use it! Thanks again for organizing the swap, it was great fun to see all of the talent and get so many ideas.

  7. Lucky you - what a lovely package and that hex pinnie is so darn cute, everybody seems to have enjoyed themselves and been both generous and creative. I've loved watching from the sideline.

  8. What a beautiful assortment of goodies…enjoy :)

  9. What a nice Skinny partner you have!

  10. What a treasure trove of fun!

  11. Lucky girl! You've been such a good host you deserve it all!

  12. OMGoodness...what a treasure! These are all such a wonderful addition to your sewing room. Lucky you!

  13. You hit the jackpot and so deserving of it too! Lucky you! more sewing motivation, that's a treat!

  14. I was wondering who was getting this one!! You are so lucky!!! This was one of my favs!! :) You received a very WELL DESERVED package, Amy!!!

  15. OH MY!!!! had not see this yet! and it is already March 6th! I too was the recipient of one of Bev's "packages" a bit ago and it is soooo OVER_THE_TOP fantastic!! Love er work! Amy, I would love to be in a swap sometime if you think I have come far enough along. I don't know how to get into them but I am open to any invites! Cat

  16. A fabulous swap parcel - and I just love the hexie skinny pinny. I really enjoyed this swap Amy - well done on a great swap!


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