February 24, 2014

Getting Skinny With My Pinnie

WOW! What fun I've been having with our

I've joined 52 of my skinniest friends,
and we are all making our partners

Here's what I made!

My skinny partner, Stephanie,
lives in Pennsylvania.

{Me, too!}

She told me she likes ric rac and selvages.

{Me, too!}

She loves Bonnie and Camille fabrics...

{Me, too!}

The fun part is that
I didn't even know that she is such a fan of
Bonnie and Camille until after I'd sent
her new skinny pinnie to her!

I love using some linen
along with dreamy fabrics like this.
It's a little design detail I picked up
from the Zakka Style Sew Along.

I had sew much fun making this pincushion!
I left the ric rac unstitched on the front,
just anchored in the seam,
for holding a small pair of scissors.

For the little selvage insert,
I adorned the top unfinished edge
with a wee bit more of the same ric rac.

I shared that I love to use
Pellon ShapeFlex 101SF interfacing
to keep my pincushions from distorting
during the stuffing process.

{It gives the pinnies great shaping...skinny or not!}

If you'd like to see lots more beautiful skinny pinnies,
head on over to our Flickr page,
and get the skinny!

Come back soon, and I'll show you what my partner made for me!

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  1. Very cute! I have always loved ric rac, too. SF101 is my all-time favorite; whenever it is on sale, I buy yards and yards of it because I use it so much.

    Thanks for organizing the pinnie swap, it has been so much fun.

  2. Hi Amy, I am in the swap too....But I did not what to post what I was sending to my partner til she received it.... I did not want her to see it and not be able to use it, so I will post pics in a little bit. I have had sew much fun joining your swap, cannot wait til another one starts..........Thank you for having the Skinny Pinnie Swap.......

  3. Lovely pictures. I checked the group and some really went a creative way. Well done ladies!

  4. so cute, wondering what kind of stuffing/filling is every ones favorite????

  5. What's not to absolutely love? Your skinny partner is soooo lucky. Not only does it have RickRack, favorite notion/trim but it's functional too and the best part is the Marmalade. I am watching mine a little longer before I cut into it! Great job Amy!

  6. Pretty, Amy! I love that idea with the ric rac loose to hold a pair of scissors.

  7. Your pinnie may be skinny, but it is loaded in style and cuteness!! It is just beautiful!


  8. Sew very, very cute! I also love the ric-rac!

  9. From the title of this swap to the last picture, there is friendship and love in many colours!


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