August 30, 2014

Tour des Fleurs - Double Exposure Zippered Pouch #3

I can't stop thinking (and talking) about
my new pattern for the

Today I'll share a new version,
something with a completely different look.

For this pouch,
I've used some gorgeous fat quarters
from a line called Tour des Fleurs,
designed by Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs.

I chose a few favorites from this lovely line,
and put them together with this
beautiful cotton ric rac, 
in just the right shade of red.

I wanted to show the versatility of this
Instead of accenting the exposed zippers with lace,
you can leave them plain,
or add ric rac or ribbon trim instead.

I really enjoyed stitching the ric rac with
some matching thread.
If it's too hard to find the right shade of thread,
you can just use invisible thread to apply the trim!

The interior fabric is a pretty paisley print.
I like the plain vanilla zipper
with these colors and designs.

{I'm not kidding - it's actually called Vanilla, shade #121, from Zipit on Etsy.}

Once the bag was finished,
it was time to collect some items
for storing inside the two pockets.
First I found some tools for measuring and marking.

{That little silver tool set in the back is my favorite...tiny screwdrivers that are so handy.}

On the other side,
there was plenty of room for my box of Clover clips,
plus some specialty feet for my sewing machine
and my straight stitch throat plate.

{When I'm using that one, the standard zigzag plate is stored away.}

It's amazing how much stuff can be zipped away...
and yet it doesn't take up much space
when the pouch is folded in half.

So there you have it...
yet a different look for the same pattern.
I'm sure there will be more coming.
I truly enjoy dreaming these pouches up!

If you make some of your own,
please feel free to link to your blog
or share photos on my Flickr page,
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  1. I'm really liking your new pattern. The exposed zipper with the trim is so much fun.

  2. The red fabrics and ric rac look so gorgeous made into your double exposure bag!

  3. What a great idea! Visiting from Geta's site to see what she's so excited about and am so impressed. Think I'll take a stroll through your archived posts to see what other amazing projects you've made. Have a happy day.

  4. Love these fabrics in red and the red ric rac! I can't believe the pouch holds all of those sewing tools! It is very beautiful!


  5. Wow,stunning.Love this combo too.It looks like another pattern.

  6. It's beautiful Amy, such a clever design. It's lovely seeing all your different fabric combinations too.

  7. Such a beautiful and practical pouch, Amy! I love the versatility and your fabric combinations are right up my alley.

  8. A versatile pattern, Amy! I love your fabric selection and the zipper accented with ric rac is such a nice detail.

  9. Great fabrics! I must try this pattern!! Have you thought of making a bigger version? maybe for a project bag?


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