January 4, 2015

Christmas 2015 --- Getting Started

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions,
but I do like to formulate a plan
for my sewing focus each year.

Back in 2013,
I made a conscious effort to sew
something for Christmas every month.
By Christmastime, I had a wide variety
of gifts and decorations.

{See this post for a complete listing of my 2013 holiday projects.}

For 2015, I've made up my mind
 to keep up with Christmas sewing again.
I've got lots of Christmas fabrics in my stash,
and I'd love to see what I can make by December.

It was so gratifying to make this pillow
as a gift for a wonderful friend,
and I was reminded of how much I love handmade holiday presents.

Inspired by that red and black color scheme,
I've already made my first holiday project for this year!
I used two more of my "ink swatches" from Sweetwater,
and I whipped up a pair of holiday pillows.

The first pillow says,
"Joy To The World"...one of my favorite
Christmas carols of all.

I found some sophisticated damask
in a home dec weight at JoAnn's.
I think it sets off the ink swatch perfectly.

Also at JoAnn's, I found cherry red solid home dec fabric.
I used it for the backing of these pillows.
For this pillow, I chose a black and white floral print
for the covered zipper flap.

The second pillow of the set says "Just Believe."

The simple sentiment goes well with this classic palette.

I really love the polka dot zipper cover.
Believe me when I say this method for making
pillow backings is truly easy and versatile.
To adapt it to different pillow sizes,
just add an inch to the finished dimensions of the pillow front.
Your backing will be a wee bit oversized,
but that makes it easy to stitch to the pillow front.

So here it is, only January,
and I've got a couple of plump Christmas pillows,
all ready for next December!

Stop by again soon...
I'll be sharing yet another holiday ink swatch pillow!

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  1. You really are a champ! Some Christmas finishes already? That black and white fabric is stunning. Beautiful work.

  2. Such a good idea to make something every month for Christmas. People really appreciate a handmade gift - especially when it is an 'Amy made That' gift. Also, quite a few sewing blogs I have read lately talk about being overwhelmed with 'must do' and 'commitments'. Much better to have fun each month with a small project or two.
    As always I love your cushions - so chic. And your Ticker Tape mug rug is a fave.
    Happy New Year and I hope 2015 is full of fun, fabric and friends.

  3. Your pillows are gorgeous! I love the B&W & Red combination! It is a good idea to make an item every month! I might try to do a few in batches.
    Hoping your goals come true in 2015 !

  4. Your pillows look so professional Amy! The fabric combinations you picked are perfect. That's a neat idea to make something for Christmas each month. The mug rug is just darling too!

  5. You're off to a great start, Amy! I love the red, white and black color scheme. So classy!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  6. Cute pillows Amy and you'll have lots of wonderful things made by next Christmas at this rate!

  7. Let me start with ticker tape mug rug. LOVE! Then those Black and white and red pillows? MORE LOVE. I love that you used the sturdier home dec fabric. It really looks so fancy! 5 gold stars for you!


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