January 15, 2015

A New Merry Christmas Pillow

As part of my ongoing
"Christmas Through The Year 2015"
I proudly present my latest pillow...
Merry Christmas!

This pillow will be mine to keep!
I love the way it matches
our brown couch.

I used my 4th and last (sniff...sniff)
"ink swatch" from Sweetwater.
You may recall the other pillows I've made,
using the other 3 ink swatches.

This "Let It Snow" one really works!
We have a few inches of pretty white stuff now.

I love the sentiments on the next two pillows,
describing what Christmas really means.

I believe in Christmas!

Nothing beats a simple
"Merry Christmas" greeting, right?

For this pillow,
I used some more of my beloved Winter's Lane
fabric by Kate & Birdie Paper Co. for Moda,
in rich brown and red.

I love the way this newest pillow looks
which I made back in 2013.

If you like that topiary pillow,
you can make your own,

As usual,
I've added a covered zipper to the pillow back.
You can learn how to do that

I've made the Merry Christmas pillow
only 12" square.

I adapted the pillow backing tutorial
by cutting my backing pieces out about an inch
larger that the finished dimensions.
It's not necessary to make it exactly the right size.
Just before stitching the backing to the front,
I trim away the excess backing.

This pillow looks pretty from every angle,
with a finished covered zipper.

This petite cushion packs a lot of style
into a small space.

 I'll be sharing more Christmasy projects all year,
so please stop by often, friends!

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  1. What an eye-catching collection. I like to have different sized cushions on my sofa but nothing is as stylish as these. p.s. Thanks for the covered zip tutorial - it is so easy and turns out good every time.

  2. Those two pillows, Topiary christmas and Merry Christmas, looks wonderful together Amy! I love that red and white and taupe bittersweet fabric you used. You do a beautiful, professional job!

  3. Ahhh, it's just gorgeous! What fun to have it ready to pull out in early December to admire ( and "pat it" a bit!!)
    I love love love the fabrics! And I use your tutorial for pillow backs all the time!!


  4. What a perfect pillows! I love that fabric line! Well done! You are all set :)


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