January 11, 2015

Ric Rac...or Is It Ricrac? Maybe Rickrack?

I bet when you see this photo,
you won't even need to know what these things are,
edged in ric rac...you just know you like 'em.

{Am I right?}

It turns out these are little coasters!

See how pretty they are, even one at a time?

{My Cath Kidson mug is such a nice model!}

I spent some quality time with my ric rac collection
and made a whole bunch of these coasters,
for a custom order on my Etsy shop, eamylove.

I love the way the different shades of ric rac look
against the bright fabrics.

Mostly I used prints from Briar Rose
by Heather Ross.
I love the tiny grasshoppers on clover...

the cute bees...

and the bright strawberries.

There are even tinier strawberries on the fabrics
from Bake Sale by Lori Holt.
These colors are a bit less intense,
but still nice and bright.

I want to give credit for my inspiration...
I saw them here on the nanacompany blog.
If you would like to learn to make them,
Amy Sinibaldi has told me that they will be included as a project
in her upcoming book,
Sweetly Stitched Handmades!

{It's available for pre-order now and will be released in May 2015.}

My Etsy client asked me to make some ric rac edged coasters for her,
and they were sew much fun to create!

I love everything about ric rac,
except that there are so many ways to spell it!
Ric rac, ricrac, rickrack...
what a nuisance when I'm adding tags
 to posts and photos.

I'm running out of ric rac...must find more!!!
Anybody know a great place to buy ric rac?

I've picked mine up here and there and everywhere...

sometimes it's even on a clearance shelf.
Please let me know if you've got a good source!
If you do, I'll have more of these to show.

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  1. Oh, I'm a full-fledged ric rac lover from way back when! I love your sweet coasters with their coordinating trim! I usually buy my ric rac from Hobby Lobby when they have the spools on sale for 50% off.

    1. Oh, how I would love to find a Hobby Lobby store! Ric rac by the spools sounds heavenly!

  2. I call them rick-rack but in reality they are scrummy waves of colour. Especially when Amy gets her hands on them.

    1. Now you have introduced a fourth version of "ric rac", Amanda!!

  3. You are right! I just love them! Who cares rick rack or ric rac, I say zig zag :) Such a colorful and cheerful post!!!

  4. Amy, I never know how to spell it either, but I do know I love it. Even more so with the way you use it to trim up your projects! These coasters are so adorable and you have one lucky buyer!
    Whenever I need unusual trims I look on Etsy. Sometimes eBay if I can't find it on Etsy.

    1. Thanks for the Etsy tip, Lara - I'm now expecting 2 orders of ric rac from a couple of different shops. Yay!

  5. No matter what we call it, you sure can make it stellar with your fabrics! Absolutely adorable.
    Did you notice that Amanda uses yet another variation? tee hee

  6. So cute! I love ric rac, way back when I had it on my dress in kindergarten!

  7. These are adorable!! I love ric rac - most of my ric rac stash used to be my mother's.

  8. So pretty! I'm always buying ric rac at sales too. How can you resist? The first photo reminds me of a plate of colourful pasta: yummy!

  9. These are so cute! Why don't you do a tutorial on how you do the corners? They look perfect Amy!


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